…which for some may include a bathrobe in their parents’ basement. Or something like that. The Nines is a live-streamed series of 9-minute presentations today, 09/09/09. (Free, organized by Leadership Network and Catalyst.) I heard about this from Bill Kinnon and Andrew Jones, and have had it on in the background for a little while now. Missed Skye Jethani’s presentation, which Bill says was good, but caught Reggie McNeal and Len Sweet. Some of the presentations are… less good, ranging from same-old, same-old to really insightful, but overall a good undertaking and most have a good tidbit to offer up. For example, Teresa McBean just said that churches/leaders need to challenge their assumptions. Right on… but if you don’t like one of the presentations, just wait nine minutes and there’ll be another. Also see the running commentary on Twittter.

Coming up later: Neil Cole, Dan Kimball, Brian McLaren, Alan Hirsch, Ed Stetzer, and many others.

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