girl-with-camera.jpg Random photo… or maybe you’re on candid camera. A short-ish list of links this week, but there’s some good stuff to read. I’m going to be a little off the grid for the next week, so these may have to do for a while. Last week and the next two weeks are kind of reserved for doin’ stuff with the family and trying to chill a bit just before the kids start back to school (and maybe recuperating a little once they do), not to mention the summer patio project that’s been falling way behind schedule with lousy weather… and now that fall is looming, I’d better get to work. In fact, I think that’s where I’m off to for the balance of the day.

Enjoy the links and think of me slaving away with a shovel and a stack of patio blocks.

  1. “Rock legend Bob Dylan was treated like a complete unknown by police in a New Jersey shore community when a resident called to report someone wandering around the neighborhood.” You’re Bob Dylan? NJ police want to see some ID — 2 cops in their 20’s didn’t have a clue. Sad, sad, sad. The kids these days…. (via Doc)
  2. The times they are a-changing: A conversation with Great Emergence author Phyllis Tickle
  3. So a while back, Len Sweet and Frank Viola wrote this piece, A Magna Carta for Restoring the Supremacy of Jesus Christ a.k.a. A Jesus Manifesto for the 21st Century Church… which to my shame I haven’t fully read yet. But I’m still linking to it, because I think I’ve been remiss thus far, and at knowing the authors, it’ll definitely be linkworthy.
  4. Last week I posted something by Bill Kinnon on writing — this week Jordon Cooper riffs on it. Both reminded me of something John August said.
  5. Hooo-boy. I like a lot of John Piper’s theology (not a popular thing to say at the moment), but I can’t follow him in certain areas. For example, see Greg Boyd’s counterpoint… Did God Send a Tornado to Warn The ELCA? Now I think that’s a little too much attribution to the means and motives of God himself. And how could we be certain about which outcome he may have been warning about? There are those who are happy about the ELCA’s approval of gay clergy. With all due respect…. some people are having difficulty understanding the concept of sovereignty.
  6. Donald Millher had me going for a minute, but in the end, I did not have to unsubscribe to his blog feed.
  7. “Reading the Bible Missionally”: Interacting with Michael J. Gorman, Joel B. Green, Christopher J. Wright, and the GOCN projects thoughts on missional hermeneutics. ← making a note of this to read later…
  8. How about a good piece by Jamie Howison on Relevance and Red Herrings — particularly brilliant in the parts where he quotes yours truly?
  9. John La Grou on Cultural Creatives — I always like John’s thinking. Andrew Jones riffs on it a little.

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