patio.jpg We open with a celebratory note — Rick Meigs has been in rehab following his serious motorcycle accident, as most will be aware. As of this past Thursday, he’s been sent home to finish recuperating there… two months to the day after the accident. The pace of Rick’s recovery thus far has exceeded all expectations, and is actually remarkable given the severity of the accident. Considering that prayers on his behalf rose up around the world, we may surmise that evidently prayer does change things. Thanks be to God.

And with that duly noted alongside a random photo (selected simply because it looked inviting), we turn to a brief selection of links for the week.

  1. Photography tutorial: photos taken With and Without Flash
  2. Speechless: Dilbert Creator’s Struggle to Regain His Voice. Strange.
  3. Try out BlindSearch — a blind search engine “taste test” between Google, Yahoo, and Bing: you may be surprised at what you find.
  4. David Fitch: Missional Church Planting Laboratory: A Report
  5. John La Grou on the passing of Les Paul
  6. Mike Todd has Some Thoughts on Church: “Just because we call it by the same name doesn’t mean it’s the same thing.” Good stuff.
  7. Finally, an answer to that age-old question, Can God Make a Rock So Heavy Even He Can’t Lift It?
  8. Our favorite grinch suggests that most of us should Push Back from the Keyboard, Put Down the Pen, but I’m currently pressing ahead with a novel in hopes that it’ll sell more than 99 copies. Good thoughts and a few striking stats in the post though.
  9. Excerpt From Your Jesus Is Too Safe, by Jared Wilson (Your Jesus Is Too Safe: Outgrowing a Drive-Thru, Feel-Good Savior)
  10. Andrew Jones posts on Francis DuBose, the Mystic on Main Street. I didn’t realize, but DuBose passed away in June — he was one of the earliest modern users of the term “missional”, in 1983.
  11. Ed Stetzer interviews Steve Addison — Book Interview: Movements That Change The World
  12. Via Bill Kinnon: Tom Wright on Blogging:

    NT Wright on Blogging/Social Media from Bill Kinnon on Vimeo.

Oh, and one last little thing… can you believe that a church — thankfully a CLB — would barricade its doors to bar entry to a select group of “leavers” and make them sign legal papers in a downpour? Oh yes, they have the nerve. Thankfully, there are alternative stories still being written. Thanks be to God.

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