31obama_600 The big item of the week is captured in the photo, of course: President Obama displaying as insightful a conciliation tactic as ever President Bartlett might have dreamed up. Good commentary from Cathleen Falsani and a must-read from Erika Haub. Of lesser significance is the brand of beer, I suppose… though one has to appreciate a scenario where there isn’t any consideration of politics when one selects a brew, else I suspect the President might have selected another brand, assuming his good taste. I’m thinking it’s a good news/bad news thing, like: you can be President, but you have to drink Bud Light. Or, there will be beer in Hell, but only Bud Light.

  1. More linguistic contrast and confusion: Is “Missional” Being Misused?
  2. The Seven Indispensable Virtues of a Missional Leader
  3. According to new research that says Women are getting more beautiful, the fact that we have two daughters is related to the evolutionary process of better-looking women, which means that my wife is also one of the good-looking ones. God bless that Charles Darwin, eh?
  4. Thank you facebook, for the gift of Mark Driscoll.  ???  (Well, something like that.)
  5. A few great thoughts on “church covenants”
  6. Elders Throwing Rocks at Stained Glass CeilingsActive Affirmation
  7. I’ve never been a fan (at all) of the McDonald’s Corporation or their “restaurants,” but a post that caught my attention with some great stuff on hosting the stranger includes a glowing review of Ronald McDonald House. Worth consideration.

What can I say? It’s been another slow reading week… presently in some kind of blogging pseudo-sabbatical. It should rejuvenate me, one would think.

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