robbymac-404.jpg There’s a growing list of blogging cessationists whose voices are bing missed these days, and a list of notables it is, too:

And hey, Mr. TSK-Jones is kinda back from his blog-fast, too. So now that I’ve debagged the cat and confessed that I’m Not a Monk, But I Play One on the Internet, I feel in a way as though I’ve stopped blogging, when I really haven’t. I’ve not been as active on these pages lately as I once was, and I wrote about my blogging malaise a while back. It hasn’t changed a lot, but perhaps I can shed some more light. And no, it’s not going to be a blogosphere departure, just a… a… pseudo-hiatus.

Over the past few months I’ve been doing some extra work on my business, and have picked up the pace of blogging on the related blog for Strategic Intuition. I spend my days engaged in web development with an eye to marketing and branding as well as general business/Internet consulting, and have needed to spend time building up my consulting practice, looking for a few new clients as well as picking up the blogging “pen” over there. If those areas are of interest, feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed and follow there as well.

I fully intend to keep posting here, but if it’s not as frequent, the reason is simply because I need to spend time over on the other blog and in the business to pay the bills. I’m also watching for (paid) writing assignments, as I do intend to keep writing, but any creative energy poured into, oh, say, a book, is energy I don’t have to blog with, and time runs the same way. Blogging here isn’t exactly lucrative ;^) but I still enjoy it and hope to resume a more frequent schedule in the fall and continue along with at least a few posts per week. Hope y’all will keep following along the journey with me.

Until then, I’m having a bit of a blog-sabbatical that I hope will be a refreshing break for me and allow me to resume with more energy for the subjects I cover here. It’s going on five years for this blog, and before that anniversary hits, it seems I’ll be needing this bit of a break and an adjustment in my pace. These can only be good things.

Gee, I hope my page views don’t plummet….

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