repair-list.jpg Is that “Remiss-age”? I have to beg forgiveness, but every 122 weeks or so, I need the freedom to miss a “Random Acts of Linkage” post. I’d cobble one together even now (a little late, but better than never, right?) except I’ve don so little reading this week that there still wouldn’t be much to link… barely enough to make a post of, in fact. But I do have some random thoughts.

For instance, I saw the Miley Cyrus movie with the kids last night (which I tweeted from the theater). And I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The plot wasn’t overly complex, but there was one, and it turns out the girl really can sing. It’s not all just marketing — who knew? Okay, maybe I’m the last to find out. Note: Billy Ray may be rather more shrewd than originally credited. Now if only his girl doesn’t go all Brittany or pull a Li-Lo, she could just hold onto her respectability and have a major career on her hands.

Random thought number two: a paint sprayer can save a lot of time, but it’s a messy job. That’s my verdict after spraying the primer throughout my parents’ entire new home today in about 2½ hours. Excluding the time spent taping up all the doors, windows, and anything else that wasn’t supposed to end up painted white. btw, spraying ceilings can really suck without proper eyewear. (Note to self: wear a hat next time and you won’t have so much trouble getting all the white paint out of your hair.)

So it seems I’ve been busy with this ‘n’ that all week long and haven’t posted much — again. I’ve had a fair bit of “busy-ness” (mixed with actual work) for quite a while lately, and I’ve still got more painting to do as well as several items on my list of work to be done, not to mention a couple new opportunities sitting in the wings for me. Launching a few websites in the midst of things, and all the while attempting to book time to actually have a summer (if we can get some half-decent weather) with the family. We’ve got a week booked at our favorite lake destination at the end of August, which I hope to treat partly as a writing retreat.

As of this past week, I’ve got Open SuSE installed on my laptop now (that’s another Linux distribution, for the uninitiated), and have been enjoying the wonders of eeeUbuntu on another. That just leaves my wife’s Windows XP box to de-virus. We did get the kids’ new swimming pool set up but I’m still waiting for those 5,000 gallons to get a little warmer before I take a dip. Oh, and there’s that patio-rebuilding project that’s still nagging, with a bit of excavation to un-excavate right below the back door. People won’t need to watch their step so closely once I get it finished and the new patio stones laid down. But that’s a fair bit of work staring menacingly at me. With all the digging going on, I’ve been asking my kids: if it takes an hour to dig a hole, but you only dig for half an hour and then stop, what do you have? Somehow they aren’t buying what purports to be the ‘correct’ answer, namely, “half a hole”.

Well. At this rate I may be having some trouble getting my regular Sunday series post out this weekend as well, but I’m still hoping to eventually find my groove after this unintentional blogging sabbatical I’ve been taking for the past — what, couple of months now?

Oh, hey — has anyone got any feedback on the Lamy Safari fountain pen?

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