getsmart.jpg Instead of giving you a separate list of funnies this week, I’ll just refer you to items 1 through 6. Will that do for now?

  1. Peter Rollins asks, “Does the devil really have all the good music?” — catch his comments on a few album covers.
  2. The Urban Blonde?
  3. Twitter users may find this chart helpful: Twitter trending topics
  4. Should you forward that email?
  5. How to Make a Baby — in case your kids ask.
  6. Awkward Family Photos — and you thought yours was bad. (via)
  7. Where ARE the Women?, asks Peggy Brown. This is the gender-related bruhaha that I wanted to comment on a few weeks back… best leave that to Peggy.
  8. The confusion of American nationalism with “Christian” religious fervor concerns me, but possibly never so much as while reading Greg Boyd’s review of The Patriot’s Bible; he says the American Patriot’s Bible is nothing less than “idolatrous.” He may be putting it mildly. “The Declaration of Independence, we are told, ‘first organized the social compact on the foundation of the Redeemer’s mission upon earth’ and thereby ‘gave to the world the first irrevocable pledge of the fulfillment of the prophecies announced …at the birth of the Savior…'” I’m not a fan of these special-purpose editions of the Bible, but this one is downright dangerous, attempting to turn Christian religious confusion with American nationalism (America is the new Israel?) into a national pastime. Like being ticked off at everyone.
  9. CBC Archives: saving old audio across various storage formats
  10. Way too close to home for us.
  11. Remember Get Smart? They’re actually building a “Cone of Silence”
  12. Q&A with Frank Viola
  13. Free eBook novel: Scared — I’ve already voiced opinions of Christian fiction, so I’m not saying anything else about it ;^)

Well, sorry to link and run, but I’ve got to go build a fence to keep the neighbours out. Or the dog in. Either way, it will make my wife happy. Meeting with our band of ecclesiastical vagrants this evening; one of the families is announcing they’re moving to the Yukon for the next year. No, really. Who needs more than two hours of daylight in the winter anyway? And still hoping to take in some of the Doors Open Winnipeg venues… better get fencing.

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