blog-text.jpg Because I enjoy Sara’s posts, even if she’s no longer putting them on Missional Tribe… because it’s about the voice first, and hers should be heard. But that’s incidental.

It won’t take an overly astute blog-reader to notice I’ve done something in the past month that I haven’t done in my last 4½ years of blogging here… I have –gasp– skipped posting some days. In a way that’s been good for me, since I had been feeling pressure to keep the streak going unbroken. 4½ years is good enough though… I really have nothing to prove in that regard — though it does beat my old record (in the technology sector) by a year, so with the break, that’s like 8 years of daily posting. No wonder I needed a break this past month. Now I don’t feel the pressure to post something no matter what each day, though I do feel I should have said more over the past month. There was a major Emergent-ing conference that everyone blogged about that I wanted to make some comment upon, and there was a gender-related kerfuffle recently that I almost said something about. Too bad I didn’t, but on the other hand, maybe that’s a good thing. I only tend to get myself in trouble.

I’ve been busy working on paying work, which is nice, and keeping up some of my own necessary business development. I’m feeling a bit more refreshed these days and hope to pick up my posting pace, but be forewarned: I likely won’t be compulsively posting every day. Hope that doesn’t disappoint anyone. I do have a new series brewing for my Sunday posts though, so that should be fun.

In other news, I have a book hitting the press sometime in the next week or so… but since it’s not being published under my pseudonym, I can’t say anything about it. Or can I? Oooohhhh, there could be a “reveal” coming….! Can you stand it? How about a free book to the first person who cracks the code and emails me at my non-pseudonymous email address, telling me how they figured it out. Caveat: you can’t already know through our previous interaction, or have purchased my other book on the Advent with John’s Gospel. Ready? Go!

In Tribal news, there’s the Wikiklesia 2 project that we’re helping to host. And if anything, activity around the site has been in the rise in the last couple of weeks since our demise was hinted at with the launch of the Missional Twibe… whatever that means. ;^) I’m behind on some of the work that I need to be doing on that site as well — some software updates and design changes — while my to-do list keeps being replenished. At least I’ll never be bored.

Oh, and it looks like Phyllis Tickle of The Great Emergence fame will be here in Winnipeg on October 31st, and I’ve been asked to offer a workshop and/or participate in a panel discussion for the event. Should be fun. [insert evil laugh here] They really should get their website up for this though. One of the most exciting tidbits is the range of sponsors cooperating to pull this off:

  • Booth College
  • Providence College
  • Canadian Mennonite University (Institute for Theology and the Church)
  • Steinbach Bible College
  • Diocese of Rupert’s Land, Anglican Church of Canada
  • The Salvation Army College for Officer Training
  • Synod of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario, The Presbyterian Church in Canada
  • The Mennonite Brethren Church of Manitoba
  • Emerging Spirit/The United Church of Canada/The Conference of Manitoba and North Western Ontario
  • Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference
  • Hull’s Family Bookstore
  • ChristianWeek
  • Evangelical Mennonite Conference

Honestly, that’s a pretty impressive — and diverse — list of groups cooperating to learn about “a shattering of the old structures of institutionalized Christianity and the birth of new and vital forms of Christianity.” I’m honored to be ask to participate, but not entirely sure what I’ll say just yet. I’ve got some time, but I don’t want to leave it too long. Maybe I’ll just flog my new book. ;^)

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