mojos_candy.jpg I think my blogging mojo must have got up and went. Like I said, my blogging frequency has dropped a bit over the past several weeks so that I’m no longer hitting my daily quota. I realized this morning that I only had one post separating my weekend posts, and yesterday I fizzled on my regular hymn series. I started writing the post this morning, but partway through I decided to hold it for next Sunday rather than publish it right away. It’s part of my Sunday series after all, and this isn’t Sunday. Saturday’s linkage was a bit lighter than usual as well, as I headed outdoors to get some work done in the yard. The new fence looks great by the way — thanks for asking.

Oh, I could go on and review my excuses… I’ve had a busy weekend (yes, I have), and I’ve been putting some effort into some other projects over the past weeks (which I have). I’ve been tired (not sure why, but yes, I have), and I’ve fallen behind in my online reading (certainly). Then there’s the fence, and the small site I’ve been building to help promote the book launch. But is there something more? Have I lost interest in “the conversation”? Is it perhaps not energizing me like it once did? Or is it the blog that seems to have lost its luster — I’m not getting as many comments as I used to. Maybe I annoyed all those IE users too long by refusing to hack my old theme to make their browser show it properly. Maybe they don’t like my new “hippie” theme, as Robbymac calls it. It is at this point that most bloggers complain about the state of the conversation — it’s just the same old “same old” with not much new being contributed, just rehashing the same tired old stuff. And there might even be some truth in that, but it’s not where I’d hang my hat. Maybe it’s me. I mean, if everyone else is having an enjoyable conversation that I’m just not “into,” it’s more likely that I’m the problem rather than everyone else. I’m just sayin’.

Even though a lot of the subject matter out there may be “repetitive” to some, it’s nevertheless important material, and in some cases it reflects the fact that we still have a long way to go. Take for example the conversation lately about gender issues (and don’t miss Peggy Brown’s latest). It’s tempting to say it’s the same old conversation, but that just perpetuates the problem that the necessary change isn’t happening. And sure, talking isn’t the same as doing… but there’s still that hope that talking leads to the understanding that fuels action. This to say that I do have some contributions to make, and I’m frustrated that I can’t find my blogging mojo fueled up enough to get do some of the background reading, let along get a few substantive posts written.

To be clear, it’s definitely not that I think the blogosphere is on the edge of its collective seat waiting for me to weigh in on the latest topic of conversation so they can all put their minds at ease. I just feel bad that some of you go to all that trouble to visit the site and find there’s no new post… or maybe everyone is strictly using RSS and any estimation of the amount of effort involved in keeping up with my updates is grossly overestimated. But still. I figure I owe some thoughtful new content now an then, or slightly more often. Makes me appreciate the guys who continue to pull it off daily. I’m not one of those guys, but don’t give up on me yet.

But here’s a question. What causes the blogging funk that some of us get into? Is it some kind of writer’s block, or a form of blog fatigue? And what tips do others have for overcoming it?

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