sand-mandala.jpg While chatting with Robbymac last week, he mentioned to me that I haven’t blogged anything about our little missionalesque community in a while. Hmm. Hadn’t realized that, but perhaps it’s apropos to mention today. For the past couple of months we’ve been talking with the kids about art and teaching them about a few different forms of art. We’ve done “field trips” to the art gallery and to a recording studio, and we’ve had a painter come and visit. We’ve taught them a few different forms of art and talked about expressing ourselves through art. And they have an assignment: they each have to create two original pieces of artwork to show, and one of them has to be an art form they haven’t done before.

This Sunday afternoon, the kids will be showing their art in what we’ve dubbed a “Sacred Gallery,” where the artwork will have some connection to faith. They’ve made up invitations and have distributed them to family, friends, and all the adults in our missionalesque community. (I’ve decided I like that word: “missionalesque.”)

Problem. Somewhere amid this whole discussion, two of the mothers decided to run ahead of the group (that’s what I’m calling it) and commit the adult parents of said children to also contribute two pieces of original artwork. So today is the day when the art writeups are due in so that nameplates can be made to describe the media and title of the piece, name of the artist and whatnot. This means that I actually have to decide what I’m doing today and get something out the door.

The range is pretty wide… I think one of the younger kids has chosen Lego™ as his medium. Our youngest has done a diorama of Jesus walking on the water with Peter. I suggested I do a performance piece called “metaschlope” but that hasn’t seemed to go over well as a suggestion. So I’m stuck… what do I do? Photography? A sketch? Acrylics? I’d really like to try Mandala Sand Painting but okay, seriously… it’s just possible that’s beyond me in the given timeframe (or that of my lifetime). Hmmm. Any suggestions?

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