twitter-jesus.jpg Little Johnny is in church when he suddenly falls ill. ‘Run outside,’ says his mother, ‘and throw up in the bushes.’ A minute later Johnny is back looking elieved. ‘Did you get to the bushes in time?’ asks his mother. ‘I didn’t have to,’ replies Johnny. ‘I got to the door and found a box labelled, “For the sick”.’

An Irish boy falls in love with a girl and takes her home to meet his family. The boy, his lady friend and his family gather around the dining room table and his mother asks the girl what she does. The girl hesitates, then says: “I’m a prostitute.” The mother screams, faints and has to have water splashed in her face to bring her round. “Forgive me, my dear. But I don’t think I heard you correctly. Did you say you were a prostitute?” “Yes,” says the girl. The mother laughs and says, “Oh, thank goodness. For a moment I thought you said you were a Protestant.”

Oh, come on — you smiled, admit it. Alright, on with the linkage.

  1. Another reason to blog: Pen Mightier Than Passion. And perhaps it’s better to blog the “down” stuff than the “up” stuff?
  2. On The “Me-Centered” Gospel
  3. A Failed Gospel Tract
  4. BW3 explains human behavior ;^)
  5. Attention fellow TED-aholics: TED ringtones now available!
  6. Adam Walker Cleaveland’s Ordination Update. *Sigh*
  7. Earliest ‘human footprints’ found near Ileret in northern Kenya: “The size and spacing of the Kenyan markings – attributed to Homo erectus – reflect the height, weight, and walking style of modern humans.” If you like to keep up with the whole evolution (vs. creation?) theme, see also Montreal scientists unlock mystery of early molecular mechanism — conservative creationists have stated that simple cells can’t evolve into more complex organisms, but this would seem to begin unraveling that argument scientifically.
  8. Twenty-One Ways You Might Be an Evangelical
  9. Give this a listen — I wouldn’t steer you wrong on music, would I?
  10. 25 Things You Don’t Know About Facebook memes? A Facebook fad of epidemic proportions
  11. Good piece from TSK on Virtual Church in the 1940’s — how the church has previously faced the question of “virtual” religion (or community) to show that the question for the Internet age is not unique, nor is it the first time we’ve answered it.
  12. Brad Sargent is Examining “The Seven Mountains” Movement
  13. Peter Rollins on the Emergent Church
  14. I mentioned Robbymac On Hobbits & Substitutionary Atonement last week, didn’t I? This may be a duplicate link. That’s what you get for “random.”
  15. Love this one: Letterman – Top Ten Things U2 Has Learned Over The Years That Edge… what a commedian!

That’s it for this week — gotta go work on my fake Irish accent.

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