wrenches.jpg In case you’re wondering, I’m tinkering my way toward a new theme design. For something different, I thought I’d do the development live, which means that as I start out there is very little here for styles. This approach lets you watch it evolve over time, and should help me catch any trouble areas as they occur. One oddity that I’ve found already is an inordinately high number of database queries occurring — in the hundreds, in fact, when there should be something in the low double-digits. Normally this is caused by plugins, but disabling plugins and changing over to an effectively blank theme hasn’t eliminated that problem, which is the reason the blog loads much more slowly than it should.

As I begin tweaking the theme, performance is one thing I want to go after, so it looks like I’ve got to get way under the hood and do some surgery. Just to mix my metaphors. Anyway, that’s what’s going on here… comments, suggestions, plugin recommendations, and WordPress tips always welcome.

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