dylan-mass_cover.jpg If you recall my post on The Liturgical Bob Dylan, it may well interest you to learn that the music used in the liturgy has now been recorded as a 5-song rough-cut EP. The band consists of Larry Campbell, Allen Fehr, Lee Charles Garinger, Bobby James, and is fronted by Mike Koop. They have called themselves “The Multitude of Sins” and made this EP, “The Dylan Mass” available as a free download. For much more detail on the recording and the background of these musicians, visit the post at Music Ruined My Life which announces the recording and provides a download link via one of those free file download sites that makes you wait while a countdown flashes on your screen because you haven’t paid to bypass it. If that drives you nuts (like me), I’ve I’ve mirrored the download for your auditory pleasure. (The file is a .rar archive, and if you don’t already know how to extract that to its MP3-with-cover-art goodness, Google should educate you pretty quickly.)

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