htc-touch-diamond.jpg I seem to be in the midst of a technology update. It started with replacing my Treo 650 with a shiny new HTC Touch Diamond. I have to say I like the calendar and the email app on the Treo better than the HTC, but the Treo lacks about 83 of the features on the HTC even though it has a much more functional keypad. Or it could be 84 features. Anyway, now I have the task of transferring everything over. I hate the transition where I have half my data in each place and have to carry two devices as a result.

It was also time to upgrade my desktop PC — Mandriva 2009 has been out a while now, and I finally got around to upgrading the OS. Note: the Mandriva 2009 upgrade does not go smoothly. Somehow as a result of the upgrade, I no longer have a graphical environment, just a command-line, which makes most of my everyday applications a bit of a challenge.

While making a few small changes on the Windows XP box I keep running “on the side” for cross-platform testing and running a few apps, for some reason it decided to “forget” the resolutions my monitor supports, and now it won’t do the one I need. Even after I installed a new driver for it.

I’ve also got some bugfixes and updates to do on the Missional Tribe site, and this blog is really needing a new theme. The more I look at this one (and the slow load times), the more I tire of it and wonder if I need to move this blog to a new host. I’ve decided on an idea for the new theme, which will be called “Ordinary Time.” What I haven’t decided yet is an idea I was toying with, to develop the theme with regular incremental changes being done while the theme is “live” on the blog already, so you can watch it evolve as it takes shape, and even offer feedback along the way.

The whole situation is somewhat vexing though, with everything feeling a little “off” as I consider what to troubleshoot or update next in my quest to get back to “normal.”

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