groundhog-day.jpg I’m sitting with a fine glass of of Unibroue 17, a special edition celebrating the 17th anniversary of the brewery. Turns out it’s a fairly nice Belgian-style strong ale (10% alc.), sweet with fruity dark cherry overtones and a dry lingering finish. Rich, the kind of beer that you can slowly nurse for an extended period of time. unibroue-17 I picked it up a while ago when I really wanted a Chimay Red, but the price was a little steep. Now Chimay is a very fine Belgian ale from a Trappist brewery. Proceeds from the sale of the beer go to the monastery, but so much of the price when it gets to me is transport and taxes.

None of this has much of anything to do with Groundhog Day of course. Still, this is my Groundhog Day post, which I’m posting on February 3rd instead of the real date. So I’m backdating my post. I was just plain busy yesterday, and it seemed like something one could get away with on Groundhog Day, ever since Bill Murray & Co. redefined the term to be not just a rodent-featured unofficial holiday, but also a kind of shorthand for a day that keeps repeating. So I’m messing with the cosmic blog timeline and backdating this post to yesterday. Because I can.

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