tumbleweed.jpg Over the past 4+ years, I think only two or three days have gone by where I haven’t posted. That’s a pretty good record — but not perfect. When that much time passes and I haven’t posted, I feel I’m neglecting the blog, and if I let one or two days go by, it’d be easy to let a week go by without posting. On the other hand, I’m trying to say things actually worth reading rather than posting just for the sake of typing practice.

Part of the issue is that I’ve had very little time to read blogs… I haven’t been “caught up” with blogreading since September, but the last month or so has been worse than usual. I guess I know how Bob Hyatt feels, to one degree or another. And for the record, Bob, I do have a ponytail and graying hair. I got this far, and you’ll get here too. Just pray that when you do, you’ll be smarter than I am. ;^)

Also for the record, blogging for me doesn’t usually feel like a chore or an obligation. I do this because I enjoy doing it. I began blogging for myself, and every now and then it helps to remind myself that I don’t need to write for crowd appeal — stats be damned — because that’s not why I write. Not that I don’t appreciate it… but I find that writing for myself or in response to specific questions or topics keeps me free from intentionally trying to write posts just for their link-bait or hot-button value. Still, I am wondering if there are some specific topics or questions that I should be writing about in the next little while. I’m considering running a poll to this effect, but feel free to drop questions and suggestions into the comments below.

I guess if that means I skip a day here or there it won’t be the end of the world, despite what my inner OCD-self would have me believe about it. If that should happen, just watch out for tumbleweeds… I’ll be along soon enough to clear them away.

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