pin-drop.jpg This week I’ve been having a markedly increased number of email conversations concerning the new Missional Tribe. Len Hjalmarson called it FACEBOOK for missional and wondered if we would burn out with the volume of interaction, or make a lot of money and sell the thing to a large Corporation. I’m thinking burnout is more likely, but I’m always open to offers… (just kidding!) I think my favorite comment was via email from a co-instigator of The Tribe: “Have you guys considered that we may be responsible for essentially killing the conversation in the emerging/missional blogsophere this week? My blog is like a cemetery…” Well, I’ve noticed that I haven’t had much of anything to say this week that didn’t involve Missional Tribe. Sorry ’bout that, but it’s been a pretty big event. Things should get back to normal around here very soon — and we didn’t mean to crash the blogosphere, really! That should get back into its rhythm soon too, though we hope there will be a lot more conversation aggregated and collected on the new Tribe site. We’re still hoping for a lot of good missional stories, and will be highlighting some of those soon: there’s a lot good stuff popping up already, like a kind of pent-up explosion.

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