Book Cover We’ve been having some real fun over at the Missional Tribe. After flinging the doors open a little under 48 hours ago, we have as of this moment 198 users and 82 blogs, where there have been some good posts showing up and some good conversations getting started. The groups and forums are active too, with more conversations going on than I can keep track of.

Like several members of the tribe, I have a blog over there, which I’ve provisionally titled “The Best of Brother Maynard.” Those of us who already blog are asking if we really need a second (or third, or whatever…) blog to maintain, but are imagining some slightly different purposes for them. In my case, I’m considering cross-posting some of my better missional posts over there so they can be collected together and perhaps get a second reading. To kick off, I’ve posted my Wikiklesia chapter there: Hyperlinks Subvert Hierarchy — which I’ve subtitled, “The Internet, Non-Hierarchical Organizations, and the Structure of the Church.” The article isn’t so much missional, but it relates directly to the formation of a social network with no single person at the helm… as is the case at the Missional Tribe. This article provides a bit of insight into my thoughts on non-hierarchical — or chaordic — organizations and the possibility for application to the church.

While I’m on it, there’s an excellent video up there now, Ed Stetzer and David Fitch — a missional conversation, shot and edited by Bill Kinnon. It’s a missionally-tantalizing conversation, and it’s only the first of three parts so there’s more good stuff to come.

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