new-technology.jpg I’ve upgraded my WordPress install from 2.2.3 right up to 2.7 now, including updates to several plugins and a few plugin changes as well (add this, drop that). Turns out I had an improper MySQL query, and the changes I’ve made seems to have overwritten it. Like the shoemaker’s son who wanders around town in the worst shoes of all, I keep falling behind in the updates to my own website. Kind of embarrassing how long I let it slip because of some necessary database changes that I wanted to avoid. I won’t be doing that again.

Please report any weirdness or let me know if you see significant issues at all… but most significantly, everyone should see a marked performance increase. This is the main thing I’m after with these changes, as well as some of the back-end improvements in WordPress. While I was at it, the astute reader may notice I’ve shortened the website urls. But don’t worry, all the old links still work.

Oh, and if you’ve been reading by RSS and avoiding the blog because of the performance issues, it’s safe to come back now.

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