wordpress-logo.jpg I don’t normally do straight tech posts, but this one is worth it: if the title didn’t quite give it away, WordPress 2.7 was released today. I’ve already been running WordPress 2.7 on a couple of blogs I’ve been readying for another project, and I must say I’ve been quite pleased with it. Huge changes in the admin area, enough that I will no longer need to add admin themes to make the interface more easily navigable. Not only that, the admin screens are easily customized. Other major enhancements include automatic software updates, threaded commenting, and more — it’s quite a significant upgrade. If you’re not running WordPress, it’s time to switch. john-coltrane.jpg Seriously.

Oh, and one more reason: this release is called “Coltrane.” Now that’s incentive.

Now that I’ve mentioned the other projects, I’m having fun exploring related products WPμ, bbPress, and BuddyPress, the latter still being alpha-stage software. I’ve also got a writing project due Monday, so it’s been a hectic week around here… and me burning the candle at both ends. One of the projects I have going on is relevant to the missional conversation, and I’ll be able to say more about that after the holidays. Still on my plate is a bunch of hacks to beat Internet Exploder into submission and make it look like it’s standards-compliant when it isn’t. That and some messing about with javascript and php. Tons of fun!

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