We spent a good part of the evening with friends playing glo-mini-golf. I’ve heard of glo-bowling, but this was an interesting twist, and a very different kind of activity to do during one of those “let’s get together over the holidays” kind of affairs. Original, you have to give it that.

It was also a good break from the taping and plastering going on in the rec room. The other night after the evening’s activities were wrapped up, I started around midnight and worked an extra three hours. I think we’ll get it done, but not with any time to spare. Tomorrow we start painting. Didn’t help discovering the two walls that had been done by the previous owner looked like they’d been plastered and painted without being sanded first… so there was extra repair to do, and extra primer now. Sigh. This better be worth it!

But glo-golfing? Anyone heard of that before?

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