at-chair.jpg Saturday, time to put your feet up and browse the blogosphere. First, the standard not-so-funny joke lineup:

One snowman says to the other: “Funny, I smell carrots too.”

There are 2 cowboys in the kitchen: which one is the real cowboy? The one on the range.

Where do you find a one legged dog? Right where you left it.

What’s pink and fluffy? Pink fluff.

What’s blue and fluffy? Pink fluff holding it’s breath.

When the dyslexic magician proudly held up the “spade of aces,” the audience was generally unimpressed. He won them over though, when he pulled a hat out of a rabbit.

Had enough yet?

So I do most of my blog reading on my laptop with my feet up in the evenings. As followers of my Twitter feed will know, the cooling fan on my HP Pavilion died a week ago and I’ve had a heck of a time tracking one down at a reasonable price. Still don’t have one in transit yet mostly due to shipping issues. If anyone happens to live across the street from an authorized HP repair depot, let me know…

As for Twitter, I’m still getting the hang of it and attempting to figure out the Twitter-quette involved in following or not following people who follow you, and vice-versa. I see some Twitterers are following people by the thousands, but I just couldn’t deal with that level of traffic. So if I’m breaching some type of Twitter-quette, give me a bit of time to catch up.

So finally on Friday evening I resurrected an ailing old IBM ThinkPad and got it running again with a fresh Linux Mandriva 2009 install. It clunks along a bit slower, but I can put my feet up and read in the evenings again. The upshot is that I’m about a week behind in my reading and the following list of links may reflect it.

Around here, the post that got the most traffic this week (other than a couple of older ones that always score highly) was “A Pathetic Prophetic Response to Obama Victory?” — go figure. The worldview I tackle in that post, says Brad Hightower, “is dangerous, uncivil, judgmental, unchristian, and sinful.” Still, could it be that politics are a spiritual discipline?

Last week, our friendly neighbourhood UPS girl showed up on our doorstep. Our door happened to be wide open at the time, so skipping the whole doorbell-ringing thing as I stepped up to the door to meet her, she said, “I have a package for Brother Maynard.” “Okay,” I said, taking delivery from her of a copy of The Voice New Testament (CBD Link). I’m enjoying my first experiences with it — more to follow. The UPS girl told me next that her brother’s nickname had been Maynard. I figured that was kinda weird. As for The Voice, it’s got a number of interesting folks involved in the project, including Brian McLaren, who talks about it in a short video clip.

  1. Top billing for the week easily goes to J.R. Woodward’s A Primer on Today’s Missional Church, an exceptionally thorough set of links and brief notes on what’s up in missional-land. And I’d say that even if he hadn’t linked me in his summary.
  2. Speaking of things in missional-land, Ed Stetzer is mixin’ it up with Al, who drops the name of this site in a video that helps explain who Al is. Sort of.
  3. Another Al: Alan Roxburgh is vlogging.
  4. Frank Viola’s top six blogs (Thanks, Frank) Just to be sure I don’t get my head swelled too much, I didn’t make this top ten list, though a few of my friends did.
  5. Happy 90th Birthday, Billy Graham!
  6. Farewell, Michael Chrichton
  7. I plan to contribute to a a project at St. Ben’s to develop a Book of Hours for the community. It’ll go through the full year and feature writing, photography, music, and any other kind of art that can be fit into a handsome volume. Have to say I think this is one of the coolest projects out there, but I still haven’t figured out which season or hour to tackle, either with something I would write new or something I’ve already written. Ideas, anyone?
  8. Doug Pagitt is running for office — Good luck, Doug!
  9. It’s getting to that time of year again: Christine Sine has A New Advent Meditation online.
  10. How about an XR-3 build-it-yourself hybrid car Way cool, despite its odd looks.
  11. World Press Photo Award Interviews
  12. Alcoholics at the Table: is wine at the communion table a genuine problem for recovering alcoholics? One commenter says yes, but I wonder if that’s universal for all recovering alcoholics?
  13. I enjoyed Scot McKnight’s post on the Bible Collector. I confess to having more translations and editions on my shelf than I consult daily. Or weekly. Or…. Anyway, Scot’s recommending Visual History of the English Bible, A: The Tumultuous Tale of the World\’s Bestselling Book
  14. I think I disagree with Wired, who says blogs are passe. I don’t use Flickr, and Twitter and Facebook just don’t replace the blogs. The fact that there are so many for-profit blogs (I wouldn’t call them “professional” in the proper sense of the word) does not negate the fact that there remain many informal and/or personal ones.
  15. Unveiling the New Apostolic Reformation — speaking of post-charismatic and those who should be.
  16. I was almost ready to break down and say that Starbucks might not be evil… I’ve been there twice in the past week, which is more than I have in the past three months. But still…. So that was almost off-topic, except as a segue to a brilliant video: What if Starbucks Marketed Like a Church? A Parable. “Javaleuia!” Scary.

Okay, that’s it for this week… stay tuned here and on Twitter for more failed profundity.

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