peter-gzowski.jpg Rodney Olson’s list of ten things he’s done that I (we) probably haven’t, and it reminded me of Peter Gzowski.

I used to listen to CBC Radio’s Morningside with Gzowski every morning. He used to play an on-air game with people — he would line up two or three noted people, who would each give three “facts” about themselves. These would usually be odd things they had done, strange experiences, encounters with famous people, or some intersection of these characteristics. Each person would ask a few clarifying questions in an attempt to discover which of the three “facts” was, in fact, a lie.

Reading Rodney’s post, I thought it might be fun to try something similar. With that in mind, here is a list of five facts excerpted from my life so far:

  1. I once sank thigh-deep in quicksand.
  2. I once had Steve Archer make a disgusted face and wave at me during one of his concerts.
  3. I once spent the night on the tundra in a tent.
  4. I once hung out with Kansas City prophet Bob Jones for the day.
  5. I once drove through a blizzard with no headlights while my friend held a flashlight out the window.

One of these facts isn’t — see if you can determine which. Go ahead and guess, or ask questions… I’ll answer up to three questions about each fact listed. If you think the additional details don’t line up, perhaps you’ve got me: name the lie and say what tipped you off. The winner gets… well, the respect and admiration of tens of people, at least. Or maybe they’ll be tagged to do this on their blog.

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