oldshingles.jpg Today I spend the day on my roof with several friends ripping off our old shingles and putting down new ones. The work went quickly, and by 7:00PM we were ready to sit town for a beer, a bite to eat, and stare at the fire in our fire pit. I got 27 years out of the old shingles, so I can’t complain… but they’d reached the point where I wasn’t going to get another year out of them. Anyway, I spent the full day at manual labour; I have blisters on my hand, a sore back, and I’m pretty tired… so no real blogging for me tonight. Still, it was good to spend the day working with some of the folk from our little band of gatherers… working together builds community.

Oh, and the Saturday linkage will probably be an hour or two lat tomorrow. But them’s the breaks. Meantime, I’m very pleased with the amount of work we did today — the job is almost completely done with just some final trim and such. What a blessing to have had all the help. But I’m bleary-eyed now and need to sleep.

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