tokingghost-cd.jpg I just pulled an envelope out of my mailbox from Mike Morell at The Ooze, as I’m one of those “select blogger” folks. Not that I’m out of reading material yet, but books in the mailbox always make one go “Oh, goodie!” inside. What I extracted from the envelope made me ask, “Mike, are you sure?” I set down the CD called “Toking the Ghost” to have a look at the book, which looked much more promising — it’s called Miracle Workers, Reformers, and the New Mystics. Hmmm, “New Mystics” (the emphasized cover text), I thought. “Should be good.” A slightly closer inspection of the front cover showed revealed the following text at the bottom: “Discover the lives of William Branham • William Seymour • Aimee Semple McPherson • George Whitefield • Sundar Singh • Brother Lawrence • Madame Jeanne Guyon • Charles Finney • Teresa of Avila • Smith Wigglesworth • maria Woodworth-Etter • St. John of the Cross • Jonathan Edwards • and many more!

Well, I’m pretty certain that half those people are rolling over in their graves. I notice than that the text above this list says, “How to Become Part of The Supernatural Generation,” and the author of the book is John Crowder. And I had to ask again, “Mike, are you sure?” Considering what I’ve previously said about John Crowder? I mean, as an honest post-charismatic, I’ll attempt to not judge it by its cover and keep an open mind, but didn’t I just say that some of this kind of thinking exhibits the taking of God’s name in vain? I know, I’ll try to keep an open mind, as one who believes in the continued operation of the Holy Spirit, even in the “hooky-pooky” gifts. But you all know how I feel about the hype.

Well, I’ve got some things in the queue ahead of this one, as I’ve got the galleys for Strange Fire, Holy Fire: Exploring the Highs and Lows of Your Charismatic Experience sitting right beside me as I type. This may not be pretty.

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