pumpkins.jpg Today is Thanksgiving in Canada, and I thought back to a post I did on the subject a couple of years ago, Purged in the Plough: Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Thanksgiving & Harvest, which reflects on the convergence of various religious traditions for the harvest season, including reflection on the past year and resolve for the year ahead, as is found in Judaism at this time of year. I concluded that post with a prayer of blessing, which I’ve modified slightly for this Thanksgiving day.

May you find the purging of the plough
      for the transgressions of the past;
May you bury them deep in the fresh-tilled earth, dead,
      to be covered with frost and snow in the coming winter.

May you find the forgiveness of others
      and the forgiveness of God;
May you extend forgiveness to others,
      as it’s been shown to you.

May you feast together with those around you,
      giving thanks to God for the harvest;
May you find peace in the present, rest through the winter,
      and new life in the coming spring.

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