twitterbird.jpg Well, I finally succumbed and signed up for a Twitter account. I don’t know… maybe it’s because Seth Godin and Clay Shirky spoke so well of it in books I’ve read recently, or it could be that I was chatting with some friends earlier today and the subject of Twitter came up. It wasn’t the inevitable “twit” pun that did it, but the conversation about translating a synchroblog onto twitter: a synchrotwit. A good laugh was had by all us missional twits. Two of us went out and signed up for twitter since that conversation.

twitterlogo.jpg Anyway, I’m on Twitter. The username “brothermaynard” was taken though… by someone who doesn’t seem to be actually using it. argh. Oh well, y’all will still be able to find me. Hmm. Darren Rowse just asked on Twitter, “anyone know if it’s possible to plead a case to twitter to get them to give you a twitter id that is registered but not used?” This might be useful after all. (Moments later, the how-to appears, so it’s in the works now.) In the same way, I also discovered the timely post, “If Twitter’s so Great Why Don’t I Get it — 10 Tips for Twitter Beginners.” Apparently it’s a good thing if you follow me on Twitter. I’ve been on for four hours so far — I have 7 followers and am following 21 other twits so far. Or whatever the vernacular is.

I can see how this would be much more useful than Facebook, which I’m often remiss about keeping updated. You can find my status and links to each in the sidebar of my blog now as well. I have extra room now that I’ve deleted the problematic BlogRush widget, which never seemed to do me any genuine favours. Now that it’s shutting down, who’s going to notice?

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