talk-like-a-pirate-day.png It was around noon by the time I remembered today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day… and it’s been a looong one. Today is/was my youngest daughter’s seventh birthday. But I should begin a little before the beginning.

Sometime yesterday or the day before, my wife promised blueberry pancakes for breakfast on her birthday. On a school day. Then last night she got called in to work (she works nights) which left the pancakes up to me. I premixed the dry and wet ingredients separately last night so I’d just have to combine them this morning. This morning began earlier than usual when I awoke to the excited sounds present-opening: I guess big sisters can’t wait to give birthday gifts. I managed to get seven blueberries into each pancake, and we stuck a candle in the first one. She’d lost a tooth before breakfast was done, following up on the one she lost yesterday.

We also promised to come and have lunch at school with the girls, and my wife had previously volunteered to do lunch duty with youngest daughter’s class to give the teacher a break. For some reason not yet explained, her alarm went off an hour late this morning, and since I was intent in my work, I didn’t notice until she called, so we were 25 minutes late getting to the school. The kids called my wife’s cell phone while we were racing to the school with a tray of cupcakes to share with the class. Sigh. We whisked them out to A&W for a whirlwind lunch.

After school, let’s just say that a Webkinz-themed party of seven-year-olds can be rather loud. And oh, my. Pre-birthday, she had three of these little pets, and now she’s got ten. TEN. Zowie. If we can pry her off the ceiling and off the computer, maybe she’ll play the Cadoo game she got.

Middle of the birthday party, the Canon digicam suddenly reports “Memory card error.” Sigh. I finish a few photos on my Treo, and only later am able to search online for information on the problem. I think the last photo download was about a week ago, not much more… but the pics of the “Refugee Camp in the Middle of the City” were on there, and I was going to upload those and post about it today.

So it’s been a long couple of days to end out the week. Aarrrr…. humbug.

I think I’ll catch up with some of the thousands of blog posts I’m behind in reading… maybe put together some of those Saturday links.

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