binary.jpg Lots on the go right now… I’m presently away with the family and some friends, sitting “off the grid” at the edge of a lake, enjoying the long weekend. Upon my return I’ve got some work to do — I’m behind on some writing projects and have web development stacked up, including some server migration and WordPress update work. In the meantime, while blogging in abstentia, I’ve compiled a digital reading list for you while I on the other hand am hoping to have more time with some analogue reading material, including Frank Viola’s newest, Reimagining Church: Pursuing the Dream of Organic Christianity and Sara Gruen’s Water for Elephants, which a friend loaned me with the assurance I’d like it, but I’ve not yet started, having gotten distracted by Clay Shirky.

Oh, and about Rob Bell’s latest Nooma video, “She” — I don’t know anything. Nada. But don’t worry, everyone else is blogging about it.

So on with the link fest!

  1. What do you know? Dan Edelen posted final thoughts on the charismatic cleanup, citing John 3:30 and the subject of humility on the same day as I posted my 3 Leadership Lessons from John 3. Yeah, we’re on the same page — must be something to what we’re saying.
  2. cartoon: the church sings Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida”
  3. An Interesting Exercise Would Be “A comparison of * Bishop Schnase’s Five Practices * Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life * Scott McKnight’s Five Streams of the Emerging Church * Gibb’s and Bolger’s 9 Core practices * John Wesley’s Holiness of Heart and Life” — and it is interesting. Sorry, forget who gets the hat-tip on this one.
  4. Neat little video on the Preservation of the Dead Sea Scrolls (via Mike DeVries)
  5. Trevin Wax names the ‘Top 5 Christian Theologians,’ with runners-up
  6. Love this quote: “Other cultures are not failed attempts at being you.”
  7. Every fall, somebody points out the perspectives of those just starting college… it’s always a bit chilling, and makes one feel old. This year, those kids were born in 1990. Wow, that was like — last week, I think, right? To them, soft drinks have always been in recyclable plastic bottles and IBM has never made typewriters. What a strange world they live in.
  8. Not sure why this is news, but a group tried to get 315 Bibles into China, had them confiscated, and spent 26 hours trying to change officials’ minds. The US Embassy told them to give it up already. I mean, it’s news in the sense that Christians should how how this works in China, but not in the sense that it represents zero change to their policy in the past 21 years since I did literature transport there. Not like the old days of Communism: they still let you in the country, and they give back your literature on your way out. (The groups that regularly do this stuff just try again, of course.)
  9. Bob Carlton on Obama’s VP Selection
  10. McLaren endorses Obama, on (digital) film, paid for by the Matthew 25 Network. I gather Bob didn’t like it.
  11. Now that I’m on the Obama subject, regardless whether Rick Warren thinks his “above my pay grade” comment was a cop-out, I just want to ask all those single-issue voters who have been casting their vote based on the same single issue since 1973, “How’s that working out for you?” And perhaps, “What makes you think it’s going to be any different this time?” That’s a long time to chase a losing strategy strategy of protest, but Christians have done it before. Hmm. I just discovered some thoughts by Steve Knight along the same lines. He also points to Frank Schaeffer, the pro-life Obama supporter. Oh, okay, and even if some presidential hopeful says he’s going to overturn Roe v. Wade, do you really want a country where the grand poo-bah can and will overturn a 35-year-old supreme court ruling at will?
  12. Oh, and one more thing: Obama Expected to Take “NLT-Only” Position
  13. Speaking of Bible translations… Bill Mounce on punctuation in the Greek New Testament; you don’t hear a lot about this, but the absence of quotation marks in the text is one of the reasons I don’t like having red letters in my Bible. That and they’re simply harder to read. And he covers quotation marks in his next post.
  14. Those who think Christian art needs to include cute kitties or bunnies or sandy footprints or waterfalls or rainbows or sunsets might be interested in Michael Spencer’s take on it. I’m with him — those things are about as convincing as a trite bumper sticker.
  15. David Wayne has a good post introducing spiritual warfare by looking at the Hebrew word “elohim” and asking, “Who are the elohim?” Original linguists and OT Geeks enjoy.
  16. Jon Stewart: the prototype postmodern news anchor Really? I thought USA Today was already “news-lite.” Some state of affairs this is.
  17. Wild. A Printer For Your Latte (HT: Bill Reichart)
  18. Why is Hell Eternal? or “Will one white-lie send someone to Hell for all eternity?” Are you sure?

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