westbrobaptist.jpg As a peace-loving if somewhat mild-mannered apologetic Canadian stereotype, apparently I like murder victim Tim McLean, have “lived an immoral and godless life, just like all other Canadians.” The signs and placards said so. It doesn’t matter that the “lunatic sect” has never met or even heard of McLean before now — it turns out that Westbro Baptist Church, the continent’s self-appointed demonstrative repository of information concerning who God hates this week, has determined that the Tim McLean’s murder last week was “a gift from God.” WTF??? Tim McLean was the recent victim of an apparently random killing on a Greyhound bus, wherein another passenger went rather berzerk and suddenly began stabbing him repeatedly, eventually decapitating him. The crime was particularly gruesome: once the bus driver had pulled over and everyone had fled the bus and locked the attacker onboard, he was seen carrying the knife in one hand and the head in the other, apparently sampling the taste of human flesh. Clearly the man was not quite right in the mental capacity department. I might point out that he was born in China — for what it’s worth — simply as a way of noting the fallaciousness of Westbro’s account of the “facts.” Adding Canada to their hate-list, their news release, which refers to McLean as “The Headless Canadian” states,

God Hates Canada.
Yes, indeed. The irreversible curse of God
upon fags and fag-enablers – the “botch of
Egypt…that cannot be healed.” Dt. 28:27.
God is punishing Canada,
for passing laws against
WBC – by exposing
Canadians as cannibials
and highway decapitaters.
WBC prays for more and
worse calamities from God.
We’ll picket their funerals.

These idiots do not serve the same God that I do… and they have a long list of antics and regularly pickets all manner of events, but picketing a funeral is pretty low. And crossing an international border just to picket the funeral of a young man tragically killed in a senseless act of violence? That’s got to be about as low as it gets. Or pretty close… I have to say it’s lower than PETA’s attempt to place an ad comparing the slaying to violence against animals in an effort to garner sympathy for animal rights (The newspaper in Portage la Prairie evidently refused to run it). I don’t know what the world is coming to when a brutal murder becomes an “opportunity” for the self-gratifying publication of your political message.

Some of the Westboro protesters were stopped at one border crossing but others group got into the province at a different crossing, with signs and placards to arrive separately by overnight courier. (Sneaky bastards, with no signs in hand, they would only have had to lie about the purpose of their visit. I guess God doesn’t hate liars.) The plan is to send seven protesters, who it turns out are likely to be met by 700 anti-protesters with plans to disrupt their disruption. Police will also be in attendance.

Just what every family wants in the hour of their grief, isn’t it?

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