Results for the “Which Biblical Villain Are You” Test
You are Caiaphas, the high priest of Israel. You were a member of a strict Jewish sect known as the Pharisees. Aside from praying in the temple, your mission in life was to have Jesus executed. You are a rather ambitious person and you tend to accomplish most of the goals that you set for yourself. This goal was no different. You managed to have Jesus (the Son of God) crucified in approximately the year 28 AD. You had to get rid of Jesus because he was an insult to your pride. Before Jesus showed up, you were the most righteous man in all of Israel. Jesus was not only more righteous than you were, he also pointed out faults in your righteousness. Your pride blinded you to Jesus’ message and drove you to put the man to death. Of course you couldn’t do this right away because many people viewed Jesus as a prophet. This is the point where your deceptive skills came in handy. You welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem as an honored prophet and three days later; you arrested him in the night and hastily set up a trial to execute him.

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So the children of Israel are Biblical villains? Well, at least I’m not the Antichrist, but I still want to quibble with the result. You know, these things really aren’t that scientific, they’re never really accurate…

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