noplacelikehome.jpg We’re finally home after our extensive trip from Winnipeg through Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, and points en route. We were quite close to some of the storms this week on our way home up I-29, but managed to keep clear of any mayhem or incident. We celebrated weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays, swam in the Atlantic Ocean, did the Disney trek and met the ‘toons, rode the rides, toured museums and aquariums, saw fireworks and laser shows, sampled great food and beverages, sat down at the edge of the Mississippi, visited notable grave sites, overnighted with relatives, in hotels, and in sharecroppers’ shacks, made pilgrimage on the trail of the blues. It’s the longest trip we can recall taking together, and we’re ready to be home, where we have finally landed safe and sound.

And there’s no place like home.

…with a stack of unopened mail, a trail of holiday bills to pay, the lawn to mow, a refrigerator to restock, phone calls and emails to return, and a list of things we had left “until after the trip.” Not to mention that whole post-vacation rest that a person tends to need! If I owe you an email or anything, just pretend I’m still out of town until Monday, okay?

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