My Study This is where I blog, write, study, work, and enjoy the presence of my books. It’s also where I listen to music, podcasts, CBC Radio One, and watch TED videos. I guess it’s my “man-cave.” Just for fun, I thought I’d offer a glimpse of my digs — give the photo a click and you’ll be treated to a larger image with dotted lines that you can mouse over, making the image somewhat “interactive.” Each mouseover spot offers some bit of commentary about that part of the image, explaining or giving background about whatever your cursor is pointing at. I haven’t tested it in IE, but it should work. If not, get Firefox and make the switch to better browsing.

Anyhoo, my study occupies about 300 square feet in my basement. Unfortunately, it has no windows but the walls are mostly lined with bookshelves. I’ve got a TV in there, a couple of armchairs, and a futon couch that is always made up into a bed. It doubles as a guest room on occasion, but it’s also the place where I’ve been known to have an afternoon nap when I’m feeling a little fried.

This isn’t where I always blog… I usually have the laptop upstairs in the living room sitting on my footstool, and I’ll grab it and blog there in the evenings. Then too, on a nice summer day I get a nice strong wifi signal on my patio, so I’ll head out there to work at times as well.

This isn’t exactly a meme, but it’s inspired by a feature on writers’ rooms that The Guardian did a while back. If anyone is so inclined to snap a photo and add a bit of narrative, I’d be curious to see where other bloggers or readers work and blog. I know my space is too cluttered for some, but I like having my chochkis and memorabilia around… not to mention my books! ;^)

One day, I’d like to have a main-floor study with nice big windows overlooking a peaceful rural-esque view. Someday, perhaps….

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