stone_mountain.jpg I’ve obviously not had a lot of time to read or blog this week, but I gathered a couple of items up to make some form of stab at my regular list o’ links.

Riddles, though… I’ve got some of those, and bad ones:

  • Where does a cat sleep? On a caterpillow.
  • How do snails settle an argument? They slug it out.
  • How does a ghost fix a rip in his sheet? With a pumpkin patch.
  • Why was King Tutankhamen the best-dressed pharaoh? Because he always showed up in cuneiform.
  • What do you call four matadors in quicksand? Quatro sinko.

Okay, with apologies for what you’ve read so far (if you’re still reading), on to the linkage.

  1. In a world where each new health study seems to contradict or “augment” the last, sometimes you have to just pick a strategy and go with it. I like the one that says I’m getting younger all the time, accessing the key to longevity (or something like that) by drinking red wine. Having just left Florida, who knew that the fountain of youth would spring from a bottle of red?
  2. Tuned In: Uncover the Extraordinary Opportunities That Lead to Business Breakthroughs What did I say to get on a list with such notables as Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, Joel Spolsky, John Jantsch, and other luminaries? Well, I don’t actually know… but for those interested in marketing, I discovered through my Technorati inlinks that I’ve been credited in a new book by Craig Stull, Phil Myers, and David Meerman Scott, Tuned In: Uncover the Extraordinary Opportunities That Lead to Business Breakthroughs. I claimed my advance copy, of course… and it’s listed for preorder at Amazon as well, if it looks like it’ll strike your fancy. I’m looking forward to seeing my copy — not just to know what I said of course, but to see what the authors have to say.
  3. Trevin Wax reviews D.A. Carson’s Christ and Culture Revisited, a critique and (re)consideration of Richard Niebuhr’s classic Christ and Culture
  4. The Constructive Curmudgeon asks, Real Men or Followers of Jesus? He’s discussing the whole John Eldridge / men’s movement thing. I’m sure I’ve talked about this before, but it reminds me again of how the “men’s movement” plays up aspects of faith that are male only by stereotype, and leaves many of us unable to relate, not being the hoo-rah beer-chugging weekend-hunter football-playing types.
  5. What Windows Might Look Like On The OLPC
  6. Have you seen the sheep tranquilizing game?
  7. Is baptizing women pointless? Or should we still baptize unmarried orphaned women?
  8. Hamo posted a link to Bill Hybels’ response to some of what’s been circulating about Willow Creek and the change in their position on discipleship. Somebody watch it and give me a summary, okay?

As I said, I’ve got to cut it short this week — the next couple of random linkage lists should be a little longer and then settle into “normal” as I get caught up on a backlog of blog reading I’ve got to do.

Road Trip Report #3

This week in addition to The Great Turtle Rescue of 2008 and learning Southern culture, we’ve been to the World of Coke, the Georgia Aquarium and been to Stone Mountain to see the excellent the laser show, and spent most of a day on Lake Lanier. We dropped in on the CNN building and the gravesite of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., right next to the original Ebeneezer Baptist Church. We’ve done a bunch of shopping and visiting and just general hanging around, and capped it off last night with a trip to the Marble Slab Creamery for some fabulous ice cream. I wandered into a Barnes & Noble to grab a coffee and browse. I managed to restrain myself from most purchases, but I was naturally reminded of my friend Bill Kinnon when I stepped into the “Christianity” aisle and noticed a half shelf of books that had all been turned spine-inward so the titles couldn’t be read. Upon investigation, I discovered they were all by the same author, and wondered if Bill had been there ahead of me.
Osteen with Inverted Spines

Tomorrow morning we’re off to the Shack Up Inn in Clarksdale, MS, home of the Delta Blues Museum, followed by a night at Tallahatchie Flats as we spend a couple days discovering the land of plantations and the birthplace of the Blues… as well as the final resting places of some fantastic bluesmen before we make the big run north and home. I expect to have only sporadic web access until I’m home, but I’ll check in as I can.

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