bdi_320.jpg It’s been spring-ish in the ‘peg for a while now, though true Winnipeggers know not to trust the weather too early in the spring. We’ve seen bikers out on the highways, a sure sign. On Saturday I was out with my girls doing errands and killing time and whatnot. There was a bit of a cool breeze up, but it was fairly warm, so at the request of the kids, we visited the BDI — if you’re not from here, that might need some explanation. The BDI is the Bridge Drive Inn, where you buy your ice cream and then walk across a footbridge over the Red River while you eat it. You can take a walk about the Kingston Row area, then back over the bridge to your car. Good fun, not so good in the calorie department. My youngest ran into a friend from her class in school, which she thought was pretty neat. We also stopped off and picked up a mothers’ day gift despite having been told not to spend money on anything.

We also dropped by Aqua Booksnew store to find that they’re kind of open… they still haven’t got their permit for opening the main part of the bookstore, but they have a few sections up and the Eat! bistro is open. brainonbooks.jpg I was a bit disappointed until we were offered a tour… we saw the main floor and future main bookstore area, the bistro, and the upstairs area which contains a great meeting space where events like the IdeaExchange can be held (I’ll have to make a greater effort to attend). There is catering space and three suites let out as writer’s studios. There’s still some dust and construction going on, but it’s a beautiful space and I can’t wait to spend more time there when it’s open. Aqua Books is a bit unique in a bookstore in that while it’s not intentionally designed as a third place, there is nonetheless something of a community that floats around the place. Could be in part due to the character of the place… the image and the website portray some of that flavour. I was caught off-guard to notice that the site also links back to one of my posts on the aforementioned IdeaExchange that they host with St. Benedict’s Table.

Yesterday it snowed. Nothing like Grace had to deal with, but snow nonetheless. It was a bit disheartening for the kids until it was all melted late in the afternoon. I don’t think there was any correlation to the exploding manhole covers in Chinatown yesterday afternoon. I wondered what all the hubbub was when we drove by there on our way home from “kids’ church” around 4:00PM. Kids’ church for our little community involves gathering at 10:00am and in addition to the focused kids’ time, involves a meal and as much lounging around and visiting as the adults have time for while the kids play in another room somewhere. Good clean leisurely fun.

Anyway, that’s spring. April is done with, so the weather should stabilize into something a bit nicer (As somebody characterized the month’s weather, “April is a two-timing whore.”) My wife’s tulips are up, which is good news for her as long as they survive the local rabbits… and it’s less than three weeks now until the big road trip. I’ve got a bunch of blog posts to stack in the queue so you don’t miss me terribly… but first I’ve got some work to do.

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