disney-character.jpg This week I’ve been largely Internet-deprived, but have spent a lot of time in leisure activities instead. I do have to chastise the Disney Value Hotels over their Internet access policy, though. An ethernet jack on the bedside table between the beds is the wrong place for your Internet access. We want it near the desk, and better still, wireless. And better still, we don’t want to pay $10/day extra for something that is now free in every other major hotel… and if you’re going to charge, it is customary to provide a discount for people buying longer-term access than just 24 hours.

What did the pencil say to the pen? “What’s your point?”

Basically, my list of links is very short this week, and the “unread items” count in my Google reader is over 1,000.

  1. In the Post-Charismatic world, Mike Morell has a good discussion going with summary of what some others of us are saying, followed by a guest blog by John Crowder, who acknowledges that God still loves Robbymac, who is talking about Possum of Discernment.
  2. Brad continues his series on spiritual abuse recovery.
  3. Too much Twitter. Are you Twit-ier than the next person?
  4. Len sums up some of Nouwen‘s ideas, good stuff on poverty of mind/heart and “the other.”
  5. Maybe not seasonal, but RLP says to Put the X back in Xmas

If I’m not going to be dishing out a long list of links, I can still do Road Trip Report #2.

I’ve already mentioned some of what’s gone on in the last week, but we’re settled in at Gainesville, GA for the next 7 or 8 days. Still loving the GPS navigation… the kids have named her “Cam” and we talk to her like a fifth person in the car now. She talks back, and we discovered she has no trouble telling us where the nearest Cracker Barrel is. How cool is that?

Spent a few hours in Savannah, GA and a few more in St. Augustine, FL which is a very cool place… so we went back for more the next day. Don’t understand why they’d close the old fort at 5:45 on Memorial Day though. Or why a bunch of the little shops would close up at 6:00 the same day, with all those tourists wandering around peering in their windows. I love the old architecture, and the wife and I have said several times we need to return someday.

Two mornings on the Atlantic Ocean — our hotel was at the north end of Daytona beach, the rundown kind that really needs updating and could stand a good cleaning… but then the rates would quadruple like all the other places on that strip. The back of the hotel opens right onto the beach, and I got up to walk down the beach alone at 6:30, watching the sunrise, snapping a few photos, and gathering up some shells. The next morning, all four of us were down there for sunrise. After breakfast we were off to Disney World.

We did the Animal Kingdom, the Magic Kingdom, and Epcot… superb fireworks at Epcot. We all had lots of fun and tired feet.

Oh, and one more thing… in Winnipeg we joke about having two seasons — winter and construction. In the US, for some reason they seem to have construction projects along the highways that look almost permanent; at least, they’ve clearly gone on for years at a stretch. We passed numerous road construction zones with no signs of activity. One good thing about harsh winters — there’s some impetus to get it done quickly.

Our last leg of the trip from Orlando back up to Georgia got off to a late start followed by the purchase of Disney souvenirs. The other three members of my party were fairly insistent that I have a T-shirt with Grumpy the Dwarf on it. I don’t know what that’s about. ;^) We got in to Gainesville at 1:00AM yesterday morning, so after a sleep and as nice shower, we spent most of the day doing as little as possible. T’was nice, and will be nice to be parked in one place for the next week before dashing home through the Mississippi Delta. Yes, it’s out of the way — but it’s the birthplace of the Blues!

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