Comic Book Cover So one week hence, I’ll be on the road with the family… we should be waking up in Gainesville, GA and piling back into the car for the drive to Ormond Beach, FL. Good times ahead. In the meantime, we must try and provide some remedy for “Internet Boredom!”

In this continuing story of a quack who’s gone to the dogs, we begin with a bit of riddling…

What goes up and down the stairs without moving? [Mouse over]

Where is the ocean the deepest? [Mouse over]

What did the chocolate bar say to the lollipop? [Mouse over]

How do rabbits like to travel? [Mouse over]

What’s a shark’s favorite game? [Mouse over]

Okay, that should do… on to the random linkage!

  1. A better YouTube interface
  2. The Hillary Deathwatch (story & widget). And what a great photo on the subject. Evidently she hasn’t gotten the memo yet… Doc observes she’s basically down to a certain Monty Python sketch.
  3. Performance Art of Impossible Positions: way cool.
  4. German Wikipedia to appear in print
  5. The 75 Skills Every Man Should Master (HT: Jordon Cooper)
  6. Lots of notice lately of the Evangelical Manifesto: “A Declaration of Evangelical Identity and Public Commitment.” Let’s see, who doesn’t opine on this, other than me? Responses offered or summed up by Tony Jones, Ed Stetzer, and John Stackhouse: At Last: An “Evangelical Manifesto” That Doesn’t Punch Someone in the Face
  7. nakedpastor_pearlygates.jpg Post-charismatic chronicles no. 459 and 462 Lots of discussion on this theme in the past week… not only here, but also Mark J. Berry, Barb, TSK, even EV.
  8. proof that not everything is better as a wiki. Writing a novel, for example.
  9. I stumbled upon an alternate take on The Good Samaritan this week, suggesting that one should be cautious about the underprivileged to whom one reaches out.
  10. Why the chicken crossed the road – update (explanations from differing perspectives… Hillary, Obama, Oprah, George Bush, Dr. Seuss….
  11. 100 Essential Jazz Albums — and I even own some of these… but far too few!
  12. There’s a fundraiser for Dieter Zander going on — Dieter suffered a stroke in February and his church is attempting to raise two years’ income and benefits for him so he and his family can focus on recovery. (HT: Tony Jones)
  13. CT on Willow Creek’s shift to become seeker-insensitive. Okay, that’s my phrase, not theirs.
  14. The Forward-Thinkers of the Week Award goes to the Church of Scotland for funding emerging ministries.
  15. This is ingenious. The Time That Blog Forgot — a blog time-warped from the time before blogs. (via Eclecticity)
  16. Erin Word shares a glimpse of herself in a thoughtul, transparent post. Well done.
  17. The Vatican says it’s okay to believe in extra-terrestrials.
  18. Steve Brown interviews Paul Young
  19. Garfield Minus Garfield: I call it an improvement — I always hated that cat.

veterinarians-hospital.jpg So once again we come to the end of another Veterinarian’s Hospital. Tune in next week when you’ll hear Dr. Bob say:

DR. BOB: (popping up from the hole in the table) Well, at least I won’t have to declare this on my income tax.

NURSE PIGGY: (also popping up) Why not?

DR. BOB: I got paid under the table!

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