cocainedrops.jpg You ever notice they don’t make anything like they used to? Not even cold and toothache remedies. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is entirely at your discretion. (Two images via DRB).

If you’re a fan of irony, there’s also the office of the National Association of Telemarketers…

Riddle me this:

What do sea monsters eat? Fish and ships.

Why do sharks only live in salt water? Because pepper water makes them sneeze.

What kind of monkey can fly? A hot air baboon.

Why has nobody ever spotted a leopard in Africa? Because leopards are born with spots.

Alright, on with the linkage… a bit shorter one this week.

  1. Rapture Index: “You could say the Rapture index is a Dow Jones Industrial Average of end time activity, but I think it would be better if you viewed it as prophetic speedometer. The higher the number, the faster we’re moving towards the occurrence of pre-tribulation rapture.” Mmmm-hhmmm. Uhhmmm, yeah.
  2. Mak (who doesn’t fit in) reminded me of my trip out west to Vancouver and down to Seabeck last October. Driving down from Vancouver to Seattle with an old college friend to meet up with her husband (another old college friend), she pulled in at a gas station to fill up. “Do you think you and Darren will be smoking cigars this evening?” she asked. I didn’t know, but was game — so she picked up a package of clove cigarettes for herself while paying for the gas. The three of us ended up in a martini bar later on, sans cigars, all smoking clove cigarettes while the waitress flirted. The upshot is of course that Makeesha is evidently not the only one who doesn’t “fit in.” Oh, and later on while we were walking down the street toward a coffee shop, she was able to give a cigarette to some soul on the street in search of one. My friend Darren suggested she was just being missional.
  3. Helium balloons lit from the inside with LEDs (a how-to).
  4. Matt Stone quotes Bryan Stone on “the crucial distinction between contextualized Christianity and syncretistic Christianity.”
  5. 100 Most Often Mispronounced Words and Phrases in English — some of these are just painful to read.
  6. Todd Hiestand has updated his Recommended Reading list for the emerging/missional conversation.
  7. Jason Zahariades begins telling his story
  8. I once got in trouble for referring to the leadership training group in my CLB as “The Stepford Boys.” It was after we left, of course, and it was suggested to me that I might be being somewhat disrespectful. Of course, it might have been halfway accurate… anyway, I remembered this when Trevin Wax quoted Tim Keller asking, “Do You Have a Stepford God?
  9. I love Non Sequitur
  10. Recovering Christians?
  11. What to do with junk mail return envelopes?
  12. Don’t leave theology to the professionals.
  13. David Fitch riffs on a post of mine from a while ago — why Mark Driscoll misses the point in his assertion that the emerging/missional church has no converts.
  14. The simple burnout deterrence mantra
  15. Sunday School Wisdom
  16. Jamie Howison reviews Sinnead O’Connor’s Theology
  17. Evangelical Manifesto: “Conservative Christian leaders who believe the word “evangelical” has lost its religious meaning plan to release a starkly self-critical document saying the movement has become too political and has diminished the Gospel through its approach to the culture wars.”

Well, that’ll do it for this week. Have a happy Saturday, and don’t forget about Mom: only one shopping day left!

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