puddlejumping.gif Public service announcement: even though it’s spring and puddle-jumping can be very tempting, it is always wise to “look before you leap.” We now return you to your regularly scheduled…

…bad riddles of the week, beginning with a brain teaser:

What is the easiest way to throw a ball, and have it stop, and completely reverse direction after traveling a short distance? (Mouse Over for Answer)

Who’s always stealing the soap in the bathroom? The robber duckie.

Why is a bad cold like being humbled? Because it brings the proudest man to his sneeze.

What cheese is made backwards? (Mouse Over for Answer)

What grows down when it grows up? (Mouse Over for Answer)

What do moths study in school? (Mouse Over for Answer)

Sorry the links are up a bit late this morning… I was tuckered out last night, so I retired early… and this morning I was treated to breakfast in bed by my daughters. Toasted ham and cheese sandwich, dry cereal, ice water flavoured with a bit of red freezie, and the rest of the freezie. I think they want something.

Anyway, on to the random goodness…

  1. Time.com: The World’s Most Influential People
  2. Mac Leopard on a computer tower, at half the price.
  3. $3 dollars worth of God. Ouch.
  4. Trevin Wax Interview with N.T. Wright on Surprised by Hope
  5. Clark Cowden on how your name affects your life …in a predeterminative sense.
  6. TSK unearthsthe Movie Recipe for Ratatouille
  7. A Spam A Day — spam converted into cartoons
  8. The Parable of the Jesus Creeders — a rare guest post on Scot’s blog.
  9. TheShackReview.com (via Bob Hyatt)
  10. The God Journey Podcast as recommended by the I-Monk
  11. Ed Stetzer chats with Tim Keller
  12. Slate: Mickey Mouse Operation: Forget Miley Cyrus. Check out Disney’s Chinese underwear ad. I’m thinking Disney protesteth too much. Not so squeaky-clean?
  13. Is Caspian Really C. S. Lewis?
  14. Josh Brown points out a story suggesting that Southern Baptist membership is declining because Baptists aren’t having enough kids. They used to have “bring-a-friend-to-church” Sundays…
  15. We’ve talked a number of times here about involving your kids in your spiritual lives as a family… Jason Zahariades is exploring orthodoxy with his kids in tow.
  16. There’s a really nice piece by Christine Sine on Why We Live In Community that’s got quite a bit in it to chew upon.
  17. Interesting Shipwreck Photos
  18. I’ve subscribed to John Michael Talbot’s blog in my reader for a few months now, and last week some news popped up:

    Peace and Good in Christ!

    Last night the sleep of the Brothers and Sisters of Charity, Monastic, was interrupted close to midnight as a raging fire burned our Chapel and Common Center to the ground.

    Pictures and an update followed.

  19. My mother always told me “turnabout” was fair play. Ten Reasons Why Men Should Not Be Ordained For Ministry (via)
  20. Looks like Tom and Christine Sine are coming to Winnipeg… but I’m not a Mennonite. ;^)
  21. Pat Loughery delivers A Summary of Three Celtic Christian Communities. I resonate: “I feel the desire (or is it need?) to be connected to a community that thinks like I do, that challenges me to grow, that is on the same type of journey that i’m on. I feel the desire for something formal(ish).” And I’d have to say that “-ish” must be just about my favorite suffix.

AAaaaaaannnnd…. that’s a wrap for this week in the continuing story of a quack who’s gone to the dogs.

NURSE JANICE: Dr. Bob, may I remind you this is a hospital?

DR. BOB: Oh, I’m glad you did. The way the jokes were dying, I thought it was a morgue!

BUNNY: Hey, hurry up, will ya? I gotta get back to the hutch!

DR. BOB: The what?

NURSE PIGGY: Hutch. That’s where rabbits live.

DR. BOB: I know that. I even know where it is. It’s behind a famous cathedral.

ALL: Oh?

DR. BOB: You must have heard of it. The hutch back of Notre Dame?

NURSE PIGGY: That rings a bell!

And so we come to the end of another Veterinarian’s Hospital.

DR. BOB: Good!

Tune in next week when you’ll hear Nurse Janice say:

NURSE JANICE: Oh, Dr. Bob, that was really a long way to go for that last joke! You should have packed a lunch!

DR. BOB: I did. I ate it behind the cathedral.

ALL: Oh?

DR. BOB: Yes. I had the lunch back of Notre Dame!

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