suitcases.jpg My kids have been counting off the days for the past two months, and it seems like yesterday the number dropped into the single digits. This morning I was informed how many hours until our vacation… for which we leave at 5:00AM, just a few short hours from now. In fact, about 6 hours. I should be sleeping, but I’m doing the last bits of packing and tying off loose ends now, paying ahead bills that come due while we’re away, all that fun stuff. The car is about half loaded with our stuff, the wife and kids are packed and sleeping already — it’s just me that wasn’t quite organized days in advance. Oh well. I’m finally starting to look forward to being on the road and having a break. Don’t worry, there will still be fresh content here while I’m gone, and I’ll be checking in regularly. For now though, I’ve got to go and select some books to take along.

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