Trip Map Well, this morning very early, we are off on a road trip of some 8,000KM from Winnipeg down to Florida where we’ll spend a day or two at a beach on the Atlantic Ocean before heading down to Disney World for a few more days. After that, we’re back to Gainesville, GA for a family wedding, which was the excuse to undertake this whole thing in the first place. After about a week with relatives, we’ll head for the Mississippi Delta and spend about a day and a half touring the birthplace of the blues before heading back home. Highway 61, the Blues Highway…

You know, when I spell it all out like that, it doesn’t sound like such a long haul, but we’re going to do the whole thing in about two and a half weeks. Yikes. We’ve got a couple of travel days that clock in above 10 or 12 hours, which seems like shorter stints then we used to do when we were young (and they are), but with two kids in the back seat, it’ll be high-time for a swimming pool and a nap by the time we turn in on those days. Do pray for our sanity, safety, and any other logistics you can think of!

My folks will be taking up residence in our house while we’re away, checking the mail and feeding the dog. As usual when I’m going to be away from the blog for a bit, I’ve future-posted a number of items so you won’t even notice my absence (hardly more than you might notice my presence!). I’ve made a list of some likely free wifi spots along the way in addition to the nightly stays as we go, so I’ll be checking in periodically of course, and plan to do a few updates from the road. I’ve hyperlinked the map to the Google plot that generated it, so if you happen to be along one of these routes maybe we’ll get a chance for coffee or perhaps to wave at you as we breeze through town. We’ll be in the dark blue Malibu with Manitoba plates with two bleary-eyed frazzled-looking increasingly graying adults in the front seat. We’ll have more leisure time in Gainesville, GA than anywhere else, but you never know.

We are stocked up on audio books, movies to watch on the laptop (a quiet backseat activity), plenty of snack items, and books by the box. And I have this song going through my head…

You know, seeing this makes me miss my Camaro… my first brand-new car, and I remember when I first drove it off the lot in 1985. We had to wait for another vehicle to move — it turns out that Randy Bachmann had parked his brand new ‘vette in the way and blocked us in. But it was the car I remember… 5-speed manual, and fun to drive. Too much fun actually, come to think of it. I had to sell it when I was started my second year of Bible College.

Alright, end of digression… today’s the day! We are East-Bound and Down!

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