upsidedown-clock.jpg The image selection for this week’s post should be credited to Bill Kinnon, who I’m laughing at just a little. This is a special clock for Bill. For Sonja, I’ve got riddles…

  • Why did the banana go to the doctor? Because it wasn’t peeling well.
  • Why was the baby ant confused? Because its uncles were ants.
  • What can you put in a wooden box to make it lighter? Holes.
  • If a fire hydrant has H2O on the inside, what does it have on the outside? K9P.
  • What can make an octopus laugh? Ten tickles.

I’ve got to stop right there, lest I waste another 3 minutes of Cindy’s life. That, and owing to a chorus of groans, let’s move on to the weekly random linkage, shall we?

  1. Grace has finally joined us on the dark side of enlightenment.
  2. I was reading about TurboTithe: Not a Penny More Than You Have To and I kept thinking three years back and just shaking my head. The trouble with religious satire is that there always seems to be a context in which it resembles the truth enough that it’s not funny, just sad.
  3. I just liked the detailed diagram of Brant Hansen’s brain.
  4. I found a good source for larger desktop wallpapers, including matched pairs for people with dual displays. You may be sure to find a favorite.
  5. Monster Cable sent a cease-and-desist to another cable manufacturer for patent infringement… never expecting the response they got back.
  6. Will Willimon on why Jesus came back from death
  7. Mark Dirscoll recommends the ESV Study Bible
  8. uninvolved-africa.jpg Photo of the week (via DRB) →
  9. R.I.P. The Compact Disc, 1982-2008? (via Bob Carlton)
  10. Unusual superheroes… Comic Book Characters Grouped by Religious Affiliation (via The Old Bill)
  11. Tony Jones tackles “Emerging” vs. “Emergent” and hits it a second time for good measure, downplaying any distinction. Like it or not, many people do make one — Jonny Baker has a good comment on this one. What he said. Update: Steve Taylor responds as well. Sounds like Tony’s alone on this one.
  12. A Wasted Morning Laughing — not sure you can call it “wasted”, but some of these videos are pretty funny… I like the “Hedge of Protection” one.
  13. Would you believe the Jason Bourne trilogy as a baptismal analogy?
  14. I didn’t realize that CAPTCHA is an acronym.
  15. Paul Fromont: Tom Wright on mission-shaped church
  16. Becky Garrison of the famed Wittenburg Door and author of Rising from the Ashes: Rethinking Church has interviewed a lot of people — the book is in fact a collection of interviews. Now Mark Van Steenwyk interviews her.
  17. Bill Reichart sums up the recent material on “The Extinction of the Christian Bookstore?” …but yeah… I don’t really like the whole Christian bookstore thing with the collection of religious artifacts and plastic Jesus junk alongside all the books, most of which seem to be trending away from anything heavily theological more and more. I used to have a few places I could browse through a decent selection of good commentaries. No more.
  18. J.R. Woodward has a chat with Alan Hirsch about Alan Roxburgh’s response to a definition of missional, then attempts his own Working Definition of Missional Church
  19. Shawn Anthony does a thorough description of YouVersion, which he calls An Online Bible and Opportunity for Global Collaboration

Well, I think we’re gonna leave it there for this week. Hopefully next week I’ll churn out a couple of book reviews.

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