clippy_redbluepill.jpg Why didn’t the egg cross the road? Because he was a little chicken. (via)

Well, that was your funny for the week… but there’s more below buried among the random linkage. So onward…

  1. The Canadian International Version was announced April 1st, the first translation in Canadian English.
  2. Blog at your own peril?
  3. Download a new book by Scot McKnight… actually, 61 blog posts combined into a single post and also published as a PDF.
  4. New media: Charlton Heston dies, and Wikipedia is updated before CNN.
  5. Pat Loughery’s podcast list
  6. Theologian Trading Cards! But would they come packaged with bad bubble gum?
  7.’s First Annual Blog Index — notable not so much because of their list but for the fact that Time has noticed blogging.
  8. Brant Hansen gets clever
  9. Last week Jim Martin posted on the environment in your home (I missed it the first time around because his RSS feed is only partial content), and he’s followed up with some thoughts on memorable conversations. Food for thought in both entries.
  10. Michael Spencer reviews and highly recommends Mark Galli’s new book, Beyond Smells & Bells: The Wonder and Power of Christian Liturgy. “The problem is that when I said ‘liturgy’ many of you immediately thought ‘ugh. dull,’ and of course that’s the reason you need this book. …It’s simply essential reading to restore our confidence that liturgy is relevant and powerful in an evangelical wasteland.”
  11. Jeff McQuilkin offers his take on keeping house churches from becoming a mini copy of the thing you left.
  12. Hey, here’s a question: Can People Shaped by Consumerism Be Happy in Church?
  13. Cindy Bryan hits one outta the park — wish I’d said this.

    I think the church-centered christian life (as opposed to a Christ centered christian life) that american protestantism has created in the last few generations is what is killing the church in america. and the new generations see it for what it is- empty activity that does little besides sustain itself for more empty activity. not that nothing good happens in local churches; far from it. but the abiding culture of complacency we’ve allowed to take over so overshadows the true mission of God’s people that we risk losing it all.

  14. Alright, I confess — I think I had most of these Christian Comic Books… and don’t let it get around, but if I went and dug through a box in the basement, I just might find some of them.
  15. Size Does Matter — Bigger Monitors Save 2.5 Hours a Day… great news, since I just got a new 24″ monitor! ;^)
  16. I didn’t know, but April is Jazz Appreciation month — and here I’ve been on about the Blues.
  17. Commenting on Jesus’ teaching on the Kingdom of God:

    How does it come to pass that, with open Bibles before them, men and women should be wrong not so much about certain details with respect to the gospel, but about the whole thing? …wrong about its foundation, wrong about its central message, wrong about its objective, and wrong about how one comes into relationship with it.

    Whatever your first guess at the source, it’s probably wrong. It was Martyn Lloyd-Jones, writing in 1963. Reminds me that we’ve not only been getting it wrong for a while, we’ve also been saying we’re getting it wrong for quite some time now.

  18. Top 50 Possible Reasons Why You’re Not Emergent (HT: Mike Clawson)
  19. The 50 Greatest Comedy Sketches of All Time — Discover the sketch said to have generated the longest continuous studio audience laugh in The Carol Burnett Show’s eleven-year history, and many other gems… lots of old SNL and Monty Python sketches to relive. Celebrity Jeopardy and others, counting down to a fitting #1. Makes you wonder, though… has there not been any really good comedy in the last 20 years? *Cough* “Land Shark.” Coming in at #32 (video at right) the original that Monty Python covered.

  20. Alright, all you IE users, maybe this will convince you to switch, now: Firefox Logo Spied In Deep Space — see, God wants you to switch! Seriously, I’ve been using the Beta of Firefox 3 for a little while now, and it’s very nice.
  21. Eric Clapton, In the Presence of the Lord
  22. I like this photo: Profoundly Simple.
  23. Ron Cole simplifying missional: missional…seeing what is in front of you
  24. Why Academics Should Blog… (HT: Wess Daniels)
  25. Ryan Bell is looking forward to seeing Constantine’s Sword — I hadn’t heard of the film, but it sounds interesting.
  26. Brant hansen responds to Mark Driscoll’s response to Paul Young’s The Shack.
  27. Christian Watches???!! I’m amazed they don’t count down to the Second Coming.
  28. How Emerging Churches can Avoid Insitutionalism

You know those weird questions they put on IQ tests, like “John like 42,024 and 111 but not 1,024. Does he like 505 or 567?” I actually understood John in this case. We all have our strange quirks — I like the symmetry of palindromes, so I found this really clever:

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