I saw this church sign outside a local church, so I recreated it with a sign generator. It really was a portable sign. Uh, yeah.

Congrats to Scot McKnight, who celebrates his third blogiversary today. He’s still averaging a little more than 3 posts per day, and most of his entries are quite substantive. Amazing, and well done!

  1. Essayist Paul Graham has a new essay up on How to Disagree, with particular note to Internet dialogue. By classifying types of disagreement, he points toward the higher forms. “If you have something real to say, being mean just gets in the way.”
  2. Tim Keller’s Two ways to read the Bible — brief quote, insightful.
  3. Stephen Shileds rounds up: Toward an Emerging Church Primer
  4. A new Alexandre Dumas novel has been discovered.
  5. To improve your odds of getting linkbacks, title your post something like Jesus of Whoville and extract theological gleanings from Horton Hears a Who. I haven’t seen that one, but I saw the VeggiePirates this week and I’m not quite certain of the eschatology. But it was fun. That reminds me, Yale now offers a course called “Christian Theology and Harry Potter.”
  6. Todd Hunter is leaving Alpha “to launch a new ministry focused on helping pastors and lay leaders reach a generation that has become disenfranchised from the church.”
  7. I liked Darryl Dash’s April Fool’s prank, and Erin rounds up some more, one of which points back here ;^) We had fun with that one.
  8. New blog: Emerging Rural — good to see this variation on the discussion.
  9. UCLA Study: Students Become More Spiritual in College (via)
  10. Free MP3 Bibles; various languages.
  11. Prophecy – Flushing the Ducky: you gotta love the title! Appropriate reading for post-charismatics.
  12. Are you a child of the 80’s? “Whatchyou talkin’ ’bout, Willis?”
  13. Here’s a related pair: ‘Prosperity Gospel’ Churches’ Spending Reports Due and Prosperity Theology Impoverishes Us
  14. Fred Peatross interviews Alan Hirsch. Hey, so does Christianity Today
  15. Leonard Sweet on the Seminary of the Future (NEXSEM) (PDF)
  16. Brad Sargent continues: in Recovery from Spiritual Abuse – Part 2D: Organizational Cultural Dynamics and Governance, he picks up on a couple of my posts from this past week. Some of us are starting to think “book” already…

Let’s wrap up with some YouTube. This Shreddies ad campaign is brilliant, imho.

Which version do you prefer —

The movie version:

Or the live version with the “real” Soggy Bottom Boys, Alison Krauss & Union Station:

….and that’s a “wrap” for another edition of Random Acts of Linkage. Tune in next week, when I’ll have — oh, I’ve got no idea what’ll happen next week!

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