pizza.jpg Bob Hyatt made me remember Father Guido Sarducci from SNL, back in the olden days when SNL was still funny. For me, the Father Guido moment I always recall was the “Find the Popes in the Pizza Contest.” I couldn’t find a video of it, just the transcript.

All two hundred and fifty-four Popes, they’re in here. And, what we’re gonna do in about one minute, we’re gonna put a close-up of this on your screen and, you at home, all you have to do is get some, like, wax paper, any kind of paper you can see through and paste it to your screen — or tape it, whatever you want–and all you gotta do is get a pencil and draw a circle around every place you see a picture of a Pope. And, while we’re doing this…

If you don’t know Father Guido and need a video so “you can-a famILiarize youraself with-a” his mannerisms to imagine before you read the transcript, there’s always Father Guido explaining the meaning of life.

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