judasreturnssilver.jpg For Maundy Thursday, we had our simple church group around for a meal. We spent time around the table, then had a time of “Dwelling in the Word” together, or as we re-dubbed it, “Things That Make You Go ‘Hmm’.” I read most of John 13 and we discussed. One of the themes was a focus on the character of Judas, asking if Peter — or us — are really so very different from him. Did he know fully what he was doing? What did Jesus know, and when? Judas is probably a misunderstood character to a large degree, one with whom we can probably identify more closely than we might admit. A lot of questions remain, including a new one… was his return of the money an act of repentance? Last year on the Saturday of Easter weekend, I composed a meditation from Judas’ perspective that explored some of these questions, and I would encourage reading it today as a fitting muse for the time between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

I’ve got some random linkage for today as well.

  1. Alan Hirsch posted a YouTube interview with Matt Redman on getting beyond ‘jesus is my boyfriend’ worship.
  2. An Index-inspired view of Good Friday (or of the Incarnation generally).
  3. CT: images of the Last Supper
  4. “Former Leader” has been writing some good stuff lately. Come to Our Missional, Emergent, Post Charismatic, Bible, Barbeque, Worship Center and To All The Friends I’ve Loved Before (wow), to name two.
  5. Michael Patton recounts the martyrdom of each of the apostles as a proof of the message of Easter, for which they all died: Jesus was dead, then raised to life again.
  6. Len summarizes ‘The Examen’, a three-part series by Paul Fromont (with links to each part).
  7. Mike Clawson point out a Study on Children in the Emerging Church, via Brian McLaren: “Dave Csinos at McMaster Divinity College is currently doing important research about spiritual formation for children in emerging churches.” He also has a paper on Children in the Bible (PDF).
  8. How observant are you?
  9. Jill Taylor’s TED Talk has been dubbed a “must-watch” by quite a few people now. Link is to John La Grue, who was there.
  10. A couple of my friends are now working together: YWAM & Mennonite Church Manitoba Partner in Inner City Church Plant — cool to see new partnerships like this.
  11. What Do Publishers Mean By “Emergent”?
  12. Did I remember to link to David Fitch’s third post on the Bridge Illustration?
  13. A painting showing the crucifixion from a view I’ve never seen before: What Our Savior Saw from the Cross
  14. tx bble (The Text Message Bible) — “in the vicinity of Matthew 20:21: wadya wnt? Gsus askD. She z, I wnt my 2 sons 2B yr bff.”
  15. Can anyone answer this question from “awoman”?
  16. I’m enjoying Grace’s “Missional Mondays.” Her recent post rounds up different considerations of what goes into a missional order, or rule of life. Good stuff, helpfully summarized.
  17. David Neff: Washington Post: Don’t Sell Me Something at Church; Put Me in Touch with the Mystery of God

    Last weekend, the Washington Post’s Jacqueline Salmon highlighted the Ancient-Future trend among evangelicals in her story “Feeling Renewed by Ancient Traditions.” The story was subtitled: “Evangelicals Putting New Twist on Lent, Confession and Communion.”

    Salmon quoted patristics scholar Dan Williams, one of the theological editors of the Call for an Ancient Evangelical Future, “Evangelicalism is coming to point where the early church has become the newest staple of its diet.” This is, in Williams’s words “a sea change.”

  18. Paul Fromont: Missional Church is…
  19. Yes. Fellowship is more than chitchat – Dennis Johnson on Acts 2:42-47
  20. Oh, and Introverts are a gift. And don’t you forget it.

I’m going to call that a ‘wrap’ for this week. Tune in next week, same bat-time, same bat-channel. Have at it in the comments… I’m particularly interested in thoughts on Judas. Click on through to awoman’s question and take a stab at that as well.

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