mort-de-cesar.jpg “Beware the ides of March,” is the saying for the day, naturally, to mark the death of Julius Ceasar in 44BC. And what better way to observe this anniversary than with Wayne and Shuster‘s classic “Rinse the Blood Off My Toga”? Remember, “‘Julie,’ I told him, ‘Julie, don’t go!'”?

Cicero the Bartender: What’re you drinking?
Flavius: Gimme a martinus.
Cicero: You mean a martini.
Flavius: If I wanted two I’d ask for them.

Jonny Wayne plays Roman private-eye Flavius Maximus, who has been hired to investigate Caesar’s murder by Brutus, played by Frank Shuster. Viewed online, it’s split into three parts.

In honour of St. Patrick’s day this coming week, today’s pun was contributed by Sonja, who advises, “Never iron a 4-leaf clover, you don’t want to press your luck….”

This week there was a cartoon on television one morning… at one point where the characters are confronted with a scary situation, one turns to the other, who is punching keys on a phone or pda-like device, and says, “What are you writing?” The other replies, “My blog — just getting down my feelings. How many ‘a’s in the word ‘aaaaaaauuugghhh’?” (Of course, I’m not sure I spelled that right.)

  1. Yesterday was Albert Einstein‘s birthday, and Pi Day, which I unintentionally celebrated by finishing Life of Pi.
  2. Composite Gospel Pericope Index (via)
  3. Tips for Google Reader users
  4. Three arguments to prove who Jesus was (humour)
  5. The 8 Marks of a Robust Gospel: Reviving forgotten chapters in the story of redemption (Scot McKnight)
  6. Ever get the cold shoulder at church?
  7. Spurgeon to Pastors: You Need to Read!
  8. pray. use words if necessary — a few really good quotes on prayer.
  9. is a catalogue of video clips from popular movies, sorted topically for use as sermon illustrations. (HT: Jonny Baker) You can view clips online but not embed in other sites; downloading is non-free, but it’s good for reminding you where to look. Some of the topic classifications are interesting… I looked at “Bible” and found the “Big Book clip” from Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium (great family movie, btw). This would not be my first thought for a good analogy of how to approach the Bible, but it’s an accurate depiction of how some people do (watch the clip if you haven’t seen the movie). Then there are the categories of “brainwash” and “control” which yield clips from September Dawn on Duty to obey and Judging the Sinners, respectively. Or on “religion” there’s Right Action from Kingdom of Heaven. Fun to browse, anyway.
  10. Harry Potter fans: the Parseltongue translator — find out what it sounded like when the serpent spoke to Eve.
  11. CT: What Makes a Church Missional? “In many cases, the phrase missional church simply puts new clothes on old trends, such as the seeker-sensitive church movement, the church-growth movement, and so on. Often, those critiqued by the authors of Missional Church are now themselves claiming to be missional.” This is what I was saying a year ago.
  12. I’m not fond of Andrew Keen’s thesis that the “amateur” is ruining the Internet. I quite disagree; Terry Heaton explains.
  13. George Barna classifies Christians in five groups by how they relate to “church”: Unattached, Intermittents, Homebodies, Blenders, and Conventionals
  14. Crookedshore: my neighbour & the glory of God …an interesting linguistic connection?
  15. Jennifer or Bailey? Ginger or Mary-Anne? What’s the world coming to? Dawn Wells gets five days in jail at age 69, along with a $410 fine, followed by 6 months’ probation. I want to blame the professor, he was always a little shifty.
  16. Webware 100 – 2008, list of Web Apps
  17. Spicebird — Thunderbird extended and improved with integrated calendar, IM, tasks & more.
  18. Hey, this is bound to work in southwest France: Cemetery full, mayor tells locals not to die “Offenders will be severely punished,” it says.
  19. Charles Colson drops by Andrew Jones’ place, doesn’t exhibit a depth of understanding of the emerging church: “I distinguish between the ’emergent community’ which rejects the Bible, and the ’emerging movement.'”
  20. TED talks ahoy: opening up the TED archives
  21. The new “seven social sins” freshly indexed
  22. An interesting approach to curing cancer… I do have to question whether a $10 Billion prize for a cure will make a significant difference. Is lack of motivation really the reason we don’t yet have a cure?

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