book-of-mormon.jpg What I really want to ask is, do I have to be nice? A couple of Mormon missionaries showed up on our doorstep this evening, ringing the doorbell despite the “No Soliciting” sign beside said doorbell. The sign’s been there for quite a while now — it went up to cover off the fact that my wife sleeps odd hours when she’s working shifts, and when the kids were young it made sense as well… the dog will bark and wake everyone when somebody shows up at the door. Now, the neighbourhood kids selling girl guide cookies or chocolate-covered almonds as a fundraiser for some school trip just ignore the sign anyway. Maybe they don’t know exactly what “soliciting” is, but that’s just fine… if a neighbourhood kid is peddling something for a school fundraiser I always like to try and cough up the $2 or whatever. They’re neighbours, after all.

Anyway, like I told the J.W.’s the last time they showed up, “We’re not interested.” The Mormons were more persistent though, and asked if I knew of anyone else on my street that they should talk to. Uh, excuse me? Let’s just say that it’s hard to be polite — I actually don’t want them coming back. Call me un-neighbourly… or do I have to be nice? If the question sound rhetorical, does it also apply to telemarketers?

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