Wings - The Complete First and Second Seasons This week I was watching a rerun of the TV show “Wings” and the following dialogue struck me funny:
Passenger: You’ve had three husbands named George?
Fay: Mmm-hmm. I buried them all.
Passenger: That’s rather unusual, isn’t it?
Fay: No, where I come from we always bury our dead.
Passenger leaves, looking dumbfounded. Joe emerges from his office.
Fay: Joe, when your father died, what did you do with him?

I’ve got a relatively short list this week, but some of them are really good… so on with the linkage.

  1. David Fitch reflects On the Ones Who Would Go and Seed Missional Communities, further thoughts following the the video where he talks about Church Planting via Missional Orders. And he follows all of that up with On the Ones Who Would Go and Seed Missional Communities 2.
  2. The iMonk has people praying for him, which is sometimes a bad sign.
  3. Why Men Are Happier…
  4. Ben Sternke links the liturgical calendar with missional living
  5. Rick Meigs has some good thoughts on Discipleship in Missional Churches
  6. Ted Gossard on community, the imageo Dei, sin, and blogging
  7. The guy’s guide to cooking for girls” — apparently women like that sort of thing. First impression, it’s definitely targeted at men.
  8. Jimmy Carter splits with SBC over epistemology? Quoting an LA Times article, “‘There’s no doubt in my mind that the Bible was written by, almost exclusively, men, who were limited in their knowledge of science.’ Today’s biblical literalists, he said, ‘might believe that the universe was created in 4004 BC. I don’t believe that.'”
  9. Andrew Jones: The Fourth Sector and Emerging Mission — with links to further study on the subject. Good stuff; I’m sure I have a book or two by Kagawa in my library.
  10. Montage-a-google (via)
  11. Word of the week: ideaicide (from a ChangeThis Manifesto) — and it doesn’t just happen in corporate settings.
  12. Allelon is offering a free downloadable resource, materials for a half-day wokshop, Understanding Missional Church: An Introductory Workshop, with presenter’s and a participants’ guides.
  13. They may be the “7 Habits of Highly Effective Evangelists,” but they’re also Seven Things Jesus Didn’t Do
  14. Microsoft and Yahoo — it’s about ad revenue, not search… but either way, it’s an attack on these guys.

Tune in Monday for the start of “Pagan Week” — despite some people feeling a certain amount of pagan-fatigue over all the discussion of Frank Viola and George Barna’s new book, I’ll be dealing with it all week, offering a few perspectives I haven’t seen elsewhere yet… and wrapping up with an interview with Frank Viola. Should be fun.

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