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Sometimes when I stop in to refill our water jugs, I bump into Mike Koop from St. Ben’s, as I did the other day. He mentioned to me that he had uploaded some videos on YouTube, including his song “Death Cures Everything,” which I’ve mentioned before. The first time I heard it was in a small performance in a small bookstore where everyone spontaneously started singing along on the chorus. It was just the tiniest bit surreal.

Jesus you got this
lame man up off of the ground
The lepers are thankful
but anxious to quit this ol’ town
and catch slow moving pictures
that tell a story they just can’t live without

how death cures everything
by that I mean
come on in ’cause no one gets out

The sick all get sicker
’cause they talk about little else
Their litany of misery
has taught me to keep to myself
Oh those slow moving pictures
tell a story they’d love to care about
how death cures everything…

I wish I was a singer
I wish I had no doubts
yeah, it’s twisted and turning
but later the plot all works out

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